NBA Free Agency: Eight Things That Will Not Happen

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NBA Free Agency: Eight Things That Will Not Happen

Now that the NBA Finals have finished, it's time for the real fun to begin.

Right now people seem to be complaining about how they just want the free agency period to be over, so we can all move on knowing who is playing for who.

Not me, I can't get enough of this stuff.

This is a historic time for the league. The balance of power in the NBA could be totally shifted in a matter of days.

We are on the precipice of what could be a potential doomsday for some organizations (Cavs) or a glorious renaissance for others (Knicks).

When July 1st finally arrives, it could determine how the league plays out over the next five years. A few hours could change the landscape of the NBA.

Admittedly, for the past month or so the NBA's free agent watch has been a bit dull because no one has mentioned what their intentions are - except for Dwyane Wade who must really, really love the club scene in Miami.

That's all about to change here in the next two weeks.

Throw in the NBA draft and we're looking at something more entertaining that the WWE Royal Rumble match we watched last Wednesday night between the Lakers and Celtics.

Though most players have remained somewhat silent on where they want to play, I predict the high school-like hallways of the NBA will be buzzing with enough gossip to make any reality TV show look tame.

I'm hoping this plays out like a bad high school movie with players going behind each others backs, talking bad about one another, and at least one individual conniving and manipulating everything behind the scenes - Hello there Worldwide Wes.

We've all heard about the potential destinations for LeBron, how Wade is going on a full scale recruiting mission for the city of Miami, and how the Nets owner will try to take over the world at some point.

Instead of trying to predict what's going to go down in the next month, I think it will be easier to predict what will not happen.

Here are the Eight Things that Will NOT Happen This Offseason.

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