Breaking News: Brett Favre to Report to Green Bay Packers' Training Camp

Stephen EllisCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

Brett Favre will report to Packers’ Training Camp, which begins this Sunday, July 27.

In order to do so, Favre will have to ask Commissioner Goodell for reinstatement. This puts the Packers in an awkward position; release Favre (which the organization stated that they will not do), trade Favre, or let him on the team.

If on the team, Favre will most likely be the backup quarterback, but Packers’ management will not want to put Aaron Rodgers in that circumstance.

Rodgers has already been Favre’s backup for three seasons, and the thought of Favre, and his legacy, literally looking over his shoulder is too much to ask for a quarterback in his first full season.

If the two are allowed to battle in camp for the starting job, most people agree that it would not be close, that Favre would dominate.

This is the first step in Favre coming back, but it certainly will not be the last.