Fatal Four Way! F4W for Father's Day! 6/20/10

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Fatal Four Way! F4W for Father's Day! 6/20/10
Some rewinds some pre-show hype! Let’s go!

Happy Father’s Day out there! May you have a good meal, a great ppv experience, and a ‘lil something from your lady when you hit the sheets! :D

McMahon comes out to tell us Hart won’t be at F4W tonight because of (*rewind*) NXT. McMahon says he’s meeting with Hart’s representatives to discuss what they’ll do about NXT. And… out comes the ‘Chosen One’.

McIntyre headed for the ring. (I –really- wish that they would STOP calling what he did to Teddy Long a ‘match’.) McMahon takes off in his limo. McMahon supposedly told Teddy Long to get his ass out in the ring with McIntyre. Tells Long he will hand him back his title belt when he wins.
Here comes Kofi! -FULL- of energy as always. But he also looks really pissed off. *chuckle* Kofi’s right on top of him, hammering away with kicks. Drew looks in pain… awww. *lol* Teddy looks really bummed, I f’n HATE McIntyre… Teddy Long is –GREAT- for Smack Down. Kofi’s just manhandling McIntyre so far, inside and outside the ring.

McIntyre gets Kofi back into it, throwing him into the ring post. He’s beating on Kofi with his fists. Some work on Kofi’s left arm. Slap from McIntyre. Kingston kicks McIntyre in the head! WOOT. Work again on Kingston’s left arm against the post. First cover by Drew, kickout by Kofi. More work on that left arm. Kingston FLIPS Drew over. Drew shoulderblocks Kingston. Boot to the head by McIntyre. Punches by Drew. Flip over on the left arm of Kofi, cover, Kofi kicks out. Drew slams more on Kofi’s left arm. Drew mocks Kofi. Kofi kicks his leg, McIntyre goes for the punches again, a hold, Kingston gets his foot on the rope. Drew is holding Kofi’s left arm in a hold, putting more pressure on the shoulder. Kingstong with a DDT, kick to the head, pin, 2 count. Clothesline in the corner for Kingston. Kofi conquers a with a fullover DDT as a counter! Man, I’m loving Kofi tonight.. get it going Kofi! Kofi two-handed beats Drew! Kofi gets Drew into a two count, but kicks out! Another! Lateral press! Kickout at two! As Lawler said, it’d be nice to see Long smile tonight. Legsweep (reverse) by Kofi! Boomdrop connects on McIntyre! Boom, boom, boom! McIntyre counters, throwing Kofi over the edge… Kofi’s in, McIntyre goes for it, 2 count. Boot to the head of Kingston! Urgh. The crowd is –screaming- for Kofi! Kofi fights out of the ‘future shock’. Springboard tornado DDT by KINGSTON! Two count, and McIntyre has his foot on the rope. *sigh* Kofi is beating McIntyre with a fist to the count of the crowd. Kingston’s on his back after a running powerbomb, pin by Drew! Two count and it’s out! Blows traded back and forth and back and forth, pin after pin, after pin! Kofi with a headscissor! Uh-oh… ref’s out. Kingston thrown into another post on his right side. Pins Kingston, but he knocked out the ref, so his pin goes NOWHERE! Teddy pulled into the ring, McIntyre forces him to put on the ref’s shirt! Teddy won’t nail the third count! Drew puts the fear in Teddy again! A hit and run attack! Matt Hardy, twist of fate! Kingston pins! Teddy counts three! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! Kingston is the champ, baby!
In Matt we trust too!

Hart Dynasty backstage. Six person tag match question from Savannah: They’re going to make Bret proud. All three spoke and spoke well.

Diva’s Fatal 4 Way. At least Jerry’s excited! Maryse (grow out that thing on your head!), Gail Kim (very talented), Alicia Fox (boring… not a sound from the crowd), and finally, the current WWE Diva’s champion, Eve (gorgeous and talented)! Lots of hair pulling, flipping, slapping, same old crap. Make ‘em wrestle for real, or I won’t be commenting. Other than to say Maryse needs to grow that thing out (yes, I said it again). Oh, and lots of screaming… are you 15 year old boys hot yet?

Alicia Fox wins. What was actually not a horrible match, ends stupidly.

Mysterio and Big Show. They both talk some smack, but there seems to be a respect there.

Jericho! Oh, he’s been missed, the swollen-headed sweetheart! Ahh, I’ve missed his jawin’! :D And he’s getting quite a pop for a heel! Ooooh… is it against Evan!? *could die happy* Jericho’s challenging Bourne to a rematch tonight! *is happy* WOOOO! I –like- this one! Screamin’ in this house for both Jericho and Bourne! This is a match! What a smile that kid has, it’s totally infectious! Bell rings. Jericho is starting out strong and powerful, lunges, punches, clothesline, punch. WOO! Bourne flips him with both legs… covers! Kickout by Jericho. Clothesline by Jericho on Bourne. Covers for two. Jericho over the rope. Evan off the top rope to nail Jericho! Kick to the jaw by Jericho! OUCH. Get up Evan!!! Hard kick to Bourne who’s back in the ring. Kick to the chest on Bourne. Evan tries to pick up steam, but Jericho kicks him with both legs, pin, Evan out on two. Painful looking kick to Bourne’s back… submission hold by Jericho. Bourne is up and flips over rather than being hurt! Kicks! Wow! Big kick by Evan! Jericho got to his feet, Bourne nails him. Evan kicks to the head. Cover. Jericho kicks out at two! Back to the kicks to the legs, Jericho flips Bourne over, hold, pin, one , two, kickout! Strike to Bourne’s face…. Jericho pulled to the ground in a flip from the second rope, flips him into a pin, two count. Walls of Jericho. Bourne is VERY RED FACED! My house is screaming for Evan who nails the rope!!!!! Jericho nailed him off the rope into the announce table…. Bourne’s looking like he’s in a lot of pain. Jericho rushes Bourne, who helps him headfirst into the stairs… Bourned top rope! Knees… pin… kickout in two! Backbreaker on Bourne, ouch!!!! But he kicks out! Jericho off the second rope, misses, Evan on the tope rop, flips, landing on his feet, Bourne gets a Code Breaker! Evan pinned, kicks out! Jericho screaming for Bourne to ‘stay down you idiot!’. Hee! Bourne pins for two! Jericho goes for the Walls, but Bourne counters with a guillotine! Evan takes too much time getting up on the top rope, Evan’s getting on that top rope again, Jericho gets up and punches him again! Jericho face first into the mat…. Airbourne off on Jericho’s back! BOURNE WINS IT! WOOOOOOOO!!! This house is going crazy! That’s five losses for Jericho in a row! What a kickass match though! Love for Jericho for helping the young guys get over!

Rewind… Vegetative state.

I’m calling a new World Heavyweight Champion. We’ll see… Kane rewind. I’m wondering how he’ll

Big Show’s out first with that big smile! Love the shift in his attitude! Big pop! SES Punk (and his rats Serena and Luke). Good heat comin’ off him. He sends his disciples back! MYSTERIO! He’s lookin hyped! How cute is he with those kids!?!? Poppin, poppin, poppin! Swagger. Nothing from the crowd as far as I can see.

Light boos on announcing him.

Swagger, Punk nail on Mysterio. Show beats off Punk and Swagger easily. CM Punk grabs Show, who throws him over. TAKE THE MASK REY! Punk out. No DQ, No countout here! Big Show V. Mysterio right now… others outside the ring. Rey attacks show. Show pushes Rey away. Headpalm on Rey, punch, 2 count, and Punk stops it. Swagger covered, Mysterio stops it. Big show is just tossing everyone away while holding Rey! Rey counters! Pin! Two count! Swagger looking to take advantage, Punk and Mysterio both beat on Swagger, then both kick Big Show out of the ring! Swagger pins Mysterio! Kickout! Mysterio v. Swagger alone in the ring. Belly throw by Swagger, pin, two count! Submission hold by Swagger , Rey pushes up. Rey kicks swagger out of it and kicks Swagger in the face, setting him up for a 619, Punk stopped it, pin, two count! Punk and Mysterio… backbreaker by Punk, pin by two! Swagger steps up on the apron, Punk knocks him back down. Kicks both Mysterio and Swagger in the corner. Mysterio and Punk, double suplex by Swagger. Punk v. Swagger now. Kick to the back of the head with lots of force by Punk. Punk set up for a 619! Show’s up and throws Mysterio into the announce table! Throws Punk over onto this back! Double clothesline! The crowd is –eating this up-. Mysterio kicks steps into Show’s left knee and does a 619 around the pole….Punk going for ‘GTS’, but everyone’s down and now…. KANE! He’s got Punk! Puts Punk into the casket! Gallows stops it! 619 to Swagger!!!! REY MYSTERIO WINS IT ALL!!!!! WOW! Second time in his career.. I’m loving it!

Rey gets me every time he hugs on those kids….

Cena says: NXT rookies have set themselves to be “us versus them”. Unspoken agreement that they’ll stand united against the NXT rookies if they show up. Anything can happen at a fatal four way, whoever walks out with the WWE championship… they’re going to have to earn it.

US Championship is on the line! Miz is out first, with, of course, his mic…. Oh, yeah and belt. *ROFL* New lyrics. The Miz is so freakin’ funny. They’re all screaming you suck… *lol* Truth comes out a’rappin’ to a nice big pop! Knee to Miz’s chest… niiiiice. Knee to Truth’s chest. They’re chanting “The Miz is awful” in the crowd! Nice heat! We’re out of the ring now, and Truth rolls Miz back in. Kick to Truth’s chest as he comes in on Miz. Boot down on the chest by Miz and then to the face. Miz has Truth in a submission hold, Truth powers out and throws Miz over. Miz tries to throw Truth out, but ends up on the floor of the mat. Truth stupidly turns the back on the Miz. Grr. Truth gets back in the ring on the count of 9. Miz kicks down on Truth’s chest. Miz back in… runs and kicks Truth in the chest again. Clothesline from Miz, pin, two count… Scissors on Truth by Miz. Truth working to roll up, punching Miz in the face. Kick to Truth’s face… two count kickout by Truth. Miz kicks Truth to the ribs as he’s on the run toward him. Kick to the ribs by Miz. Another kick to the ribs. Truth punches Miz punches back… clothesline on Truth, submission hold. Modified bow and arrow from Miz. Punch to the face by Truth! Truth throws him back over his shoulder, two count. Miz is on his feet first. Suplex by the Miz. Punches from Truth. Miz face first into the mat. Two count kickout by the Miz. The momentum shifts, but… no, Truth’s back on his knees. Attempted superplex by Miz, Truth punhes him away and kicks him in the chest. The dropkick seems to hurt them both… Wait, here comes Truth… screamin’ What’s up! Two count kickout by Miz. Truth is stil coming. Kicks, suplex stunner! Two count kickout. Truth thrown onto the ropes on his sore shoulders. Back/neck breaker combination by Miz, pin, Truth kicks out by two. Kick to Miz’s chest! Two count, Miz grabs the ropes. Another two count kickout by Miz. Truth on top rope, Miz comes in fighting, Truth beats him off, cross body by Miz…pin, but rollup, and Truth has the pin, and Miz kicks out. Truth is pinning again for another two counter! US Championship held by Miz after a rollover. Very brutal match, but seemed way too one sided to me. He does get nice heat, though.
Edge interview… too much head bobbin’. He’s my least favorite for this match. He’s no psychologist-maybe he should go back to school for it.

Hart Dynasty is out to a nice pop! Three on three! And two women who are rumored to be too good to wrestle the divas! The Usos… well… I don’t think much of them so far they need a lot of mic work and so far they’ve had too much handed to them. We’re gonna start with those girls! Natalya flips her over, Tamina gets her in a scissorlock, Natalya flips her up. Girls out, after a very nice, te chnical showing. DHS is in with Jey. David Hart Smith is really powering it! Hangs Jey up in the Hart corner. Tyson Kidd, takes advantage, pins, two count. Jey twisting up Tyson’s arm. Tyson flips Jey over, twice. Jey throws Kidd out. Kidd kicks Jimmy Uso back. Jey goes after Kidd, but misses, Jimmy almost set up for a DDT and gets them both out of the ring. Kidd pinned for a one kickout. Natalya and DHS grinding up the crowd. Nice kick by Tyson, Jimmy and Jey setting up to pin Kidd again, two count. Suplex by Jimmy Uso. Tyson Kidd rolls Jimmy away. Kidd can’t get the tag. Uso gets Kidd in their corner. Two count pin by Jey, kickout by Kidd. Another cover and a quick kickout! Jimmy Uso tagged, goes up top to knee Kidd in the shoulder. Kidd kicked down in the corner. The Harts look worried. Tyson jumps out of the way of Uso. Tags! Girls back in! Go Natalya! These women are kicking –ass-, and would make the Diva’s look like little school-girls. Natalya had Tamina pinned, Jey comes in to reak it up. Tamina samoan drops Natalya. Tamina going to top rope….. Natalya jumps out of the way! Hella tornado punch and hook of the leg by Natalya for the win!!! I loved seeing the women fight in this one!

WOO!  Gotta cheer for some kickass chicks!

Warming up for the WWE Championship.

It’s either going to be Orton or Cena on this one, I can’t choose. If forced, I’d say Orton. Let’s see what happens!

Randy’s out first to a HUGE pop. RAWR, the viper’s lookin’ good! Edge… decent pop for him too… not as big as Orton, but we’ll see what happens. Shaemus… boos… though nothing overwhelming. And Cena comes out to the biggest pop. “The Champ is here!” I see a few boo’ers in there… as is usual! *chuckle* Oooh, you’re so hardcore if you hate Cena! Thhhhbbbbt! *eyeroll*
Cena and Orton are already in the ring alone together. *lol* Cena took out Shaemus, Orton took out Edge. Almost Attitude Adjustment, almost RKO, the other two morons are back in. Shaemus pushing Cena into the ringpost. Edge and Shaemus trying to get Cena out. Sheamus and Edge team up…. Shouts: “Let’s go Cena” “Cena sucks!” HE draws it from both sides and deserves praise for this. Ultimate opportunist is now being kicked around by Shaemus. Edge boots Shaemus in the face… hook of the leg, Cena breaks it up. Edge throws Cena out of the ring. Edge going to top rope… Randy is beating him for it with some nice, solid punches. Shaemus punching randy in the back, tried to go for a power bomb but Orton punched him down. Edge pins Shaemus, Orton pulls it apart. Shaemus kicked out of the ring by Edge. Orton left in the ring alone. Cena trying to work his way back in. Orton takes advantage with a suplex. Kicking Cena in the head..whoooo…. methodical offense by Orton by stomping. “LETS GO CENA” “CENA SUCKS” BACK AND FORTH, WOW! Shaemus kicks Orton in the skull. Cena starts haymakering Shaemus. Fisherman’s suplex on Shaemus… attitude adjustment goes, Irish curse backbreaker! Shaemus possibly setting up the high cross… Edge goes for the spear, but misses everyone. Cena pins for two! Randy is feelin’ the crazy! Grabbin’ his head! Pulling Shaemus in! Cena’s in! Double FACEBUSTER! (DDT!) Edge kicks Orton in the head. Edge hoping for perfect spear position. Misses. Shoulder blasts, slams Edge to the mat! U can’t C me! Five knuckle shuffle in… neckbreaker on Cena by Orton! Scoop slam on Edge! Viper ready!!! Hunting RKO! He catches Shaemus before real damage is done, Shaemus throws him out. Cena beign beaten on by Shaemus. Cena sends Shaemus over the top rope. Pulling himself up by the top rope… in pain, but goes for Edge… turns, goes for Shaemus (double fold). Randy shouldered out by Edge. STF by CENA on Edge! Shaemus stops a real-possible tap out. Shaemus comes in and goes for Cena’s neck. Beats on it repeatedly. Edge nailed with a clothesline by Shaemus, pin, kickout. Shaemus knocks Cena out of the ring. Edge pulls….. NEVERMIND! RKO on Cena and pin! Shaemus stops it! Shaemus being beaten by Orton! Spear by Edge on Orton! Big boot against Edge by Shaemus. Two count on Orton by Shaemus, kickout! Punch by Shaemus sends Orton out and his are ankles grabbed by Edge

NXT rookies are attacking back stage!

Hart Dynasty, Evan Bourne, and Truth take the beating. NXT screwing up the match. They’re beating on everyone…. Rookies nailing Cena… pummeling him…. Edge gets in and starts beating back! Seem to be going on seven to one, one to the next. Shaemus pins Cena then runs for it through the crowd to get away from the NXT guys.


NXT continues to beat on Cena.

They continue, running after Shaemus as he holds up the belt. Orton down, Edge is down, Cena is down… and Shaemus is WWE champ.

And the crowd is chanting “Daniel Bryan”.

Fun night!


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