Apart From a Championship. History Repeats For The Lakers.

Isaac FerminContributor IJune 21, 2010

Last year I wrote an article about the similar storyline about Kwame Brown and Eddie Jones before the Lakers championship http://bleacherreport.com/articles/193581-how-history-repeats-itself-for-the-lakers . I talked about How now and back then things went very similar. Back then after the championship was won. The guy they got during 1998-1999 was Glen Rice. He left after the Lakers won in 2000. Now Trevor Ariza was the role player they got during the season and left after the Lakers won the championship in 2009. Now read that article to better understand. But now that the Lakers repeated. They well repeated. History is funny sometimes. The situations that come up may look bad in the beginning but could end well. This championship was won even though it looked like they were gonna be just another team. Just like in 2000-2001. People thought the Lakers were gonna be done in the playoffs since they didn't play as well as they should've. But in the end they got the trophy and everything that happened during the season. All the mistakes and losses. Are forgiven when you win a championship. So congrats to the Lakers for a truly sweet 16 championship. And congrats to Kobe and Fish for their 5th ring. You guys deserve your rings. And Congrats to Ron Artest on his first.