Hey Sportsbuy.com...Steve Bartman Is Not For Sale!

John LewisSenior Writer IJuly 25, 2008

Everyone in the free world knows who Steve Bartman is and how he is blamed for the Chicago Cubs losing a three-games-to-one lead against the Florida Marlins.

Of course then the Marlins went on to the World Series and defeat the New York Yankees in six games.

Well that's old news, but fans and autograph seekers haven't forgotten and a company called Sportsbuy.com offered Bartman to come out of hiding and sign an autograph of him trying to catch the infamous foul ball.

The payment of such a thing...$25,000.

However, Bartman said no and has decided to go back into the witness relocation program until the Cubs win the World Series.  That could take a while.

All Bartman had to do was show up and sign his name and collect $25,000.  Sounds easy enough, but for fear he may get jumped in the parking lot by some angry Cubs fans he's refusing the offer.

Is that the best decision for Bartman?

If it were me, I would take the money and run.  Possibly pay some bills, some gas, whatever and cash in on the pain and suffering has had to endure for years. 

Others may feel that he would bring further embarrassment on himself and the Cubs franchise, but I say in the 100th year of the Cubs winning the World Series, take the money and get out of town.

That's just my take...what's yours?