2010 FIFA World Cup: The Dominators Getting Dominated

Daniil Rybkin@https://twitter.com/DaniilRybkin29Contributor IJune 20, 2010

Before the World Cup, we were all predicting one of the "dominators" to take home the trophy. But everything that was predicted has ended up being far from the truth so far.

The teams that were supposed to be playing with class, respect, skill, and great ambitions evaporated within the first games. Almost every great team failed to show how much talent they actually have.

Throughout the World Cup we have seen that the teams that were considered weak moved up to almost the same level as the big teams. It seems that countries like Spain, England, Italy, France, Germany, and Portugal have stayed in one place while countries considered weaker then them have gained all of the knowledge and skill that is needed to succeed in the tournament. 

We saw that France had struggled even before the Cup started. Looking back at their game vs. Ireland only proves why they're doing so poorly in Group A. Starting from the tie with Uruguay and following it up with a 2-0 loss to Mexico gives Les Bleus a very weak chance in making the group's top two. 

But that might not be the most shocking development thus far in the tournament. England is a very talented team, with great players, a brilliant coach, and their lucky charm, the injured David Beckham, rooting on the sidelines. But the last two games have showed that the team is not as perfect as it seems.

The first game with United States was predicted to be a slaughter, but instead the US gave British fans a horrifying shock. The 1-1 score wasn't the only thing that was out of place; Robert Green's gaffe was an awful mistake that no one will forget.

To follow up that effort by tying Algeria, the weakest team in the group, was another jolt for frustrated English fans.

So while England has struggled mightily, another team that is taking some heat did not start out so poorly.

Germany opened up the 2010 World Cup with incredible force, beating Australia 4-0 and  dominating every facet of the game.

But the next game was the complete opposite, as Germany looked like it was lost and weak in a 1-0 loss to Serbia.

Sure, the red card for Miroslav Klose did not help, but Germany had every chance to get back into the game and failed to do so. The situation in Group D leavs a lot of pressure on Germany, as one game will decide the outcome in the group.

While those two countries have struggled, that is nothing compared to the play of the  holders of the 2006 World Cup.

Italy have followed England's path and tied both of their games against a pair of teams that they were supposed to beat handedly. They tied the first game with Paraguay, which was very shocking for the defending champions in and of itself. But the second game shocked fans even more.

New Zealand stunned just about everyone by playing the Azzurri to a 1-1 draw and putting Italy in the 2-3 (tied with New Zealand for second place) position in Group F.

That brings us to a pair of teams that could still make up for lackluster play in their opening matches.

Group G is not a very interesting group; you can clearly see the first two teams that will make it from what people felt was the "Group of Death." But even with that in mind, you can see that Portugal is slacking big time. The goalless draw with Cote d'Ivoire only proved people's new view on the "big teams."

But that result was nothing compared to one of the most shocking moments of the tournament. When this game ended a lot of people couldn't believe what they just saw— Switzerland beat Spain 1-0.

It is now the Swiss that share the first place spot with Chile, leaving Spain sharing the third with Honduras. The only thing that makes me happy is that Spain has two more games to try to make their way out of the group.  

The same can't be said for some of these other teams. So much for those "dominant" teams.