NBA Draft Edition: Luke Babbitt

Del ChocContributor IIJune 20, 2010

Luke Babbitt

We hear the reoccurring theme every time a white player with upside comes around: "Is he the next Larry Bird?" In this case, I would hand over that title to Luke Babbitt and not Butler's Gordon Hayward. You have to take Bird's core principles to heart, that being toughness, ability to blend in, and sheer will. When I see Babbitt catching feeds from his once arch nemesis, Armon Johnson, it becomes quite apparent that he's not indecisive about anything. Quite frankly, the question am I supposed to be here?' just isn't in effect; he knows he belongs.

Babbitt has excellent conditioning, craft on the block and that 'Brandon-Roy-fever', in that he wants it. The feel that Babbitt possesses is that of a SF. You can actually play him at the four on occasions. He's the perfect teammate you want due to his proletarian qualities. He's self-made. Also with the length and mobility in the half-set, who better would you prefer in a zone-trap?

He probably will have that Thaddeus-Young-tag coming into the NBA Draft, because many are doubting a natural transition.

Babbitt has rare touch and feel when running the break, partly because it seems every three he walks into is going in, or every-time he gets close to the basket his passes connect. And no he isn't Pistol-Pete; it looks that way at times.

Opposite of that, Babbitt is a threat if a team were to double-on an athletic Lead-Guard—Mayo of Memphis, Gordon of L.A., or, say, Rose of Chicago. He can shoot it with range, effortlessly may I add, make the extra pass and take it to the bucket strong if warranted. 

Babbitt doesn't convert his blocks by patrolling the paint, rather most are converted on man-to-man defense, which comes into play from the time he steps foot on the NBA hardwood.

Luke also has precise movement when creating his own offense, where at times the defender looks clueless and out-of-touch once he makes his move—all are cerebral and executed in his customized locked pace. His jab-step is very potent, getting his defender to make one mistake and he rises over for two. It's also evident that he registers befitting in the post.

The Nevada native has more rare obligations he attends to — 91 percent at FT-line, 22ppg as a sophomore, 42 percent from three, almost a block a game, snags near 9rpg.

Projection: 15-30

PG: attacker
SG: defensive stopper
SF: Babbitt
PF: banger
C: banger

Bulls: Many may know by now that I fully endorse drafting him at 17, obviously because Deng is really unpredictable. He's been on a downside ever since helping Chicago sweep Miami in the 06-07 postseason. James Johnson hasn't shown much of an appreciation on-court than what his talent might suggest. So I would order the enchilada this round and hope Babbitt's skill-set transfer well-in with Derrick's. But in whole, no worries.