Where Is My Respect?: The Most Disliked Sports Figures

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Where Is My Respect?: The Most Disliked Sports Figures

The USA hoists some of the most superior talent. There is not one player in America — or around the globe — that hasn’t had the chance to succeed.

Really, this list was a response to all the negative feedback I'm seeing on these athletes.

You have proven athletes that are getting around more superior talent. As a result, their numbers fall and the media targets them.

It always seem like once a younger player does something good, the media claims them god and puts them before the veterans that have done more to deserve respect not disrespect.

Then you have coaches that have gotten something somebody wanted and they're instantly hated.

It seems like the more successful you get, the more people try to nit-pick at you until you finally get to the highest peak.

Here is a list of the most disrespected sports figures.

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