Countdowns: A Sports Fan's Item Of Interest

Cameon ShiflettSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2010

Counting and countdowns seem to be popular things to live by these days for many sports fans.

If you are an Alabama Baseball fan like me, a week ago you were counting down the number of strikes Alabama’s Nathan Kilcrease had to throw in order for the Crimson Tide to beat Georgia Tech and advance to the NCAA Super Regionals.

Then, like me, you counted how many baseball players could safely pile on top of a Peanut without hurting him.  

You could also be a basketball fan, counting the number of times Kobe “cracked” on someone only to get beaten. Well, until that final game anyway. 

And, for those choosing to get involved in the World Cup, you probably counted down the days until it started, and then counted the number of cuss words the USA player said to the ref after the terrible call he made in today’s game (not that anyone could blame him).

For most of us however, we have one countdown in mind: the countdown until College Football starts once again.

Alabama plays San Jose State on September 4th . That date is a mere 77 days, 10 hours, and 15 minutes from when I am writing this. Such a date is important, as is the countdown. However, there is another even more significant countdown I wish to discuss.

As a recent "Tweeter", I came across an interesting  post from Lance Armstrong. He was asking for "Prayers for Ellie" and included a link to a little girl's twitter called “LiftEllieUp.” After visiting Ellie's twitter, and following the link to her Caring Bridge site, this little girl and her story had won my heart.  

Ellie is a six year old little girl, currently battling a very rare type of stage four cancer ( Rhabdomyosarcoma) in her trunk and lungs. She had no symptoms, other than a dull ache in her leg that turned out to be a tumor.

I could tell you all about Ellie's battle but in my opinion, it is best described by the people that love her and have been around her through this time, because everyone's battle and experiences are different facing this terrible disease.

Her parents have been told by the hospice that their daughter has about a week to live. 7 days left here on this earth. A tragic countdown.  

From reading the posts this little girl has received and the things that her mother and other family members post about her, she has been an inspiration to many in her short time here.  I'm including the link both to her twitter and website so that you too might be touched by this little girl's story.  

Cancer is such a terrible disease and for anyone that has been through it, or been around people that have been sick with it, you know what a terrifying experience it is. From what this little girl's mom has said, she has kept high spirits, as most children do.  

I've always said that we can learn so much from children and this little girl proves to be no different. I hope you'll take a moment to let her impact your life as she did mine and so many others. I hope you'll take a moment, go to her website and read her guestbook and her mom's postings about her little girl. I'll also include a link to a song that singer/songwriter Dusty Hughes wrote for her that expresses how incredible this little girl must be.  

After reading her story, I hope you will keep her family and friends in your prayers and hug the ones you love. Sign her guestbook if you feel the need. Through our B/R Community, we can send a lot of prayers her way in this time of need.   

May God Bless and Roll Tide,

The Bama Chick




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