Booking The Streak: Wrestlemania 27

James MolloyContributor IJune 19, 2010

When the final bell sounded at Wrestlemania 26 not only did Shawn Micheals career come to an end but in the eyes of many a wrestling fan any chance of the streak ending did as well. This leaves the WWE in an interesting position for mania next year as the streak match has become as eagerly anticipated as the title matches over the last couple of years.

Now the WWE is very unlikely to use the scenario I have dreamed up for a Wrestlemania match but I think it could work. I think the perfect Mania opponent for the Undertaker is Chuck Liddell.Now before you say I'm mad please read my proposed storyline for the angle below.

The angle in my mind would have to be done in a shoot like manner and be started sort of on the quiet to allow for a build. Liddell should announce he is stepping away from the octagon and in his statement and/or interview he should say that one of the best thing about been in a real sport is that when it's your time to go, you know. A reporter should be planted to ask hime to clarify and he should point to the performers in their late 40's in WWE,specifically Taker's headlining of Wrestlemania.

WWE should respond to Chuck Liddell with a statement on the website and instruct any wrestler queried about it to talk trash about Liddell in interviews. This would,hopefully, spark debate online and amongst fans.

Around October/November Jack Swagger should be quoted saying he believes he could beat Liddell in a MMA style bout, Liddell should respond by saying he'd be willing to shut Swagger up. The WWE could then invite Liddell to have a match with Swagger at the Rumble, for storyline purposes Swagger should at this point be pulled from TV and house shows so he can attend a training camp to make it look as legit as possible. Swagger shoulkd be seen as standing up for WWE and weekly video packages of his training should air

The match should be booked as a worked shoot and the WWE should use a cage for the match so as to stop the competitors falling out of the ring. The match should be only Liddells second appearence on WWE TV following a weigh in on Smackdown. The match would have to be booked tightly and would have to appear legit so judges etc would have to be brought in.

Swagger should lose in the second round after missing a takedown and getting a few good blows to the head. He should be allowed to be in control of Liddell during the first round and Liddell should be seen to be saved by the bell in the first round.

After the bout Liddell should be nice about Swagger and say that the likes of The Undertaker stop hogging top spots because the younger talent is better.

Undertaker should come out on Raw and say that he has issued a challenge to Chuck for a fight at Wrestlemania. The commentators should be surprised and leaked quotes attributed to Vince should be put out say he's fuming at the thought of doing a match he has no control and losing the streak.

The match itself can be striking heavy in the first round,cagey in the second but in the 3rd Undertaker should be allowed to hook the Hells Gate and win. The match should be booked as close as possible to stop Liddell looking weak.

Liddell as opponent would create interest and I'll admit it's unlikely but it would be a good way in my opinion of continuing the streak