Annual Draft...Thats a Great Idea!

Lucas NascimentoContributor IJune 19, 2010

Hello Bleachers I'm here to give you guys some reasons on why i think that the WWE should have an annual draft...and know not when a superstar transfers from on show to another. I am talking about a draft where the WWE chooses talent from independent promotions. Just like the NBA drafts players from high school or college into the big leagues. This is exactly what i'm talking about RAW and SmackDown both draft superstars from independent promotions into the WWE. For this to happen the WWE will have an annual ceremony where wrestlers form ROH, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, FCW, etc. attend the annual ceremony and Vince Mcmahon or some other form of authority go up on stage and call out the ones who have been drafted. Now onto why i think this would be a good move. This annual draft will be good because it will be broadcasted on television which would let fans know who the superstars are when they debut. Someone who watched the ceremony would go "oh i saw that person on the draft the other day". Also it brings fresh new talent into the WWE which would therefore increase the number of superstars on the roster. We have a small amount of superstars on the roster our midcard is lacking interest because we see the same superstars over and over again, if we want new fresh talent this draft would be a great idea. Now what influenced me to write this article is that everytime i see a new superstar debut nobody in the audience has a clue who he is so with that in mind the ones who tuned in to watch the draft on T.V will know who that superstar is when he debuts and this will draw a reaction from the fans in attendence instead of having complete silence. Moving on to the procedures of being drafted you need good charisma, wrestling ability, mic skills, and the ability to cut a promo. This draft will not be scripted the WWE will draft about 10-15 new superstars each year without the superstar knowing it will be completely 100% real. To conclude this article i think this will be a good decision for the company to give superstars popularity and details of who they are and where they come from i'm Lucas and i'll see you next time.