How USA Vs. Slovenia Turned Americans Into Football Fans

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IJune 19, 2010

We were robbed. Plain and simple.

Anyone who watched the FIFA World Cup match between the USA and Slovenia knows that the USA was robbed by an inexplicable call that disallowed the go-ahead goal against Slovenia.

I intentionally used the word "football" in the title rather than "soccer," because I do believe that we now know the spirit of the game that has fueled football rivalries for decades.

We can no longer use the word "soccer" even if to the chagrin of politicians that court, "soccer moms." 

Say either world football, or American football to refer to the National Football League.  It's no longer the hallow sounding game it was made with the word, "soccer."

The reason that football can be nail-biting to watch is the fact that your side is walking a tightrope of perfection and so, any mistake or one call can determine the outcome of the game.

After years of benefiting from gaffes in the World Cup such as against Colombia in 1994 and Italy in 2006, Americans now want revenge.  We want to annihilate all who stand in our way.  nd that's exactly how the game is meant to be played.

In a strange coincidence, the ref, Koman Coulibaly was born on July 4.