WEC 49: Karen Darabedyan is Ready To Impart Wisdom in the Form of Fists

Erik FontanezCorrespondent IJune 19, 2010

Will Kerr could be in for the fight of his life this Sunday at WEC 49 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

This is only safe to assume seeing as that his opponent for that evening will be an eager Karen Darabedyan.

Darabedyan is coming off a first round submission loss to Bart Palaszweksi via armbar at WEC 47 back in March.

The young Armenian fighter is fully recovered, putting all his focus on training and more than ready to get back in the WEC cage for full-on competition.

"After my fight, I got into training right away," said Darabedyan in an interview with Bleacher Report.  "I didn't take too much time off.  I was only off for like a week."

Karen was admittedly bothered by the pain in his arm in the days following his bout with Palaszweski, but that didn't stop him from getting back into the swing of things.

Doing light workouts, improving his cardio, and practicing his jiu-jitsu were all areas that he talked about concentrating on after his last contest.

Now, the WEC lightweight says he feels unstoppable and it appears he's absolutely anxious to return to action against Kerr.

Darabedyan knows his opponent is an all-around good combatant, but, in his eyes, that will likely not matter.

"I think I'm gonna be able to have the edge in all aspects of the game," Darabedyan claimed.  "I just have to be real careful and not like last time, being all over the place and get caught like that, you know?  Being real cautious."

Karen can be a very aggressive fighter.  His aggression could hurt him if he over-commits, but harnessing that aggression may allow him to use it to his advantage.

"I'm gonna use my aggression in a better way and not just try to finish a fight when it's not done," said the Gokor trained fighter.  "I'm confident, man.  I'm ready to go."

Ready to go, indeed.

Darabedyan has had over three months to shift his focus from his loss to Palaszweski to the pending bout with Kerr.

In that time, the young 155-pound fighter has learned from the mistakes he made last time and looks to apply his new found knowledge this weekend.

Darabedyan reflected on his recent loss and the days following it.

"It made me 10 times a better fighter," said Karen.  "The first couple days I was really bummed out about it...it made me think twice about everything.  About like should I stick to 155 [pounds] or should I drop down to [1]45?"

The thought of changing weight classes was there for him, but only temporarily.

Refocused and back on his game plan, Karen Darabedyan is sticking to 155-pounds and seeks to prove his lightweight worth this Sunday against Will Kerr.

"I'm gonna go in there, I'm gonna move around," said Darabedyan.  "First minute after the first round I think he'll know that it's a different fight."

Will the difference be in the form of a win for Darabedyan?  

Find out this weekend at WEC 49.


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