Tiger Woods Needs The Dark Side: 10 Sports Villains He Can Emulate

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Tiger Woods Needs The Dark Side: 10 Sports Villains He Can Emulate

Once upon a time, there was a great warrior who dominated golf courses around the globe.

Fittingly named Tiger, this golfer had the strength and the ferocity of a cold-blooded killer. He was capable of defeating any opponent.

Tiger Woods was a god among men. With each passing victory, his legend grew.

Fans flocked to see him swing his magnificent Nike golf club. Whether they wanted to see him win or not, they came. They had never seen anything quite like Tiger.

The story of Tiger began when he was just a wee little boy. But even then, people could see the mastery with which he held that golf club.

His legend fully blossomed when he traveled to Pebble Beach and decimated all of his foes, putting on the greatest display of golf dominance anyone had ever seen. Tiger proceeded to take the next three Majors, and at the young age of 25, he was already king of his domain.

To make his legend even larger, Tiger decided to defeat his opponents on one leg. It was truly the stuff of legends brought to life before their very eyes.

But it turned out that Tiger was not who they thought he was. He was not a god, but a mere mortal with true character flaws.

People were shocked that he fooled them all those years. It turned out that he was conquering other kinds of courses when night fell, the kind that children were not supposed to hear of their idol trolling.

Tiger slinked into the shadows to get his affairs in order. People felt that if Tiger did not have control of his own domain, how could he conquer others? Obeying the wishes of the people, he went into exile.

Upon his return, Tiger was not the same. He withdrew from one tournament and was cut from another.

One scribe felt that upon his return to the birth of his legend, Pebble Beach, Tiger's powers would return.

But Tiger was unable to tap into the abilities of the Tiger of old. Then a wise soul provided the answer to Tiger's follies.

He must embrace his true self. Tiger must become a villain.

All those years when he was dominating, he did those disgraceful things. But he dominated golf. It was who he was.

When he tried to change his identity, his golf game changed with it.

Tiger finally realized that he must complete his transformation from the greatest golfer alive to the greatest villain the world of sports had ever known.

So he sought the advice of 10 of sports' most notorious villains. With each piece of advice in hand, Tiger sought a more powerful villain, until he finally learned from the most powerful one of all.

Here are their stories.

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