Big 12 Realignment: Why the Big 12 Will Go To 12 teams... Very Quickly

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Big 12 Realignment: Why the Big 12 Will Go To 12 teams... Very Quickly

There has been a lot of talk out of the northern schools since the Big 12's near death experience about how the conference is stronger as a 10-school conference than they were as a 12-school conference.

It seems very contrary to logic that a conference could lose a national power like Nebraska and a major media market like Colorado and emerge stronger for it, but that does seem to be the case.

Fear of the implosion of the Big 12 led groups of people to get involved in getting the Big 12 TV deal renegotiated ahead of time, allowing UT, OU, and A&M to take home $20 million a year in TV income and even dog BCS competitors like Baylor and Iowa state to take home $14-17 million a year.

Teams in the north seems to finally understand that being in the north and not playing UT and OU each year put them at a financial disadvantage vs. teams in the south. They say they are happy at 10 teams, and I beleive them.

There is no guarantee the conference will find schools that their network partner will want to pay $14-17 million more each to add. Or that their network partners who spent out the nose to prevent realignment will suddenly turn around and spend money on more Big 12 members... to get more realignment.

So why do I think the Big 12 will go back to to 12 teams?

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