WWE's Handling's on Wrestlers Deaths

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJune 19, 2010

As wrestling fans we are used to hearing the news of a wrestler dying. It comes with the territory when being a pro-wrestling fan. 

The way wrestlers are honored by their wrestler promotion varies greatly depending on the wrestlers popularity, politics of the promotion, and the manner that the individual died. 

The issue with the honoring of wrestlers deaths is that it varies too much that it ends up being unfair. Umaga and Test were not mention at all during Raw and Smackdown as they both got no tribute video package.  

Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero both got tribute shows where their fellow wrestlers spoke on their behalf and video packages were shown and had a ten-bell salute. 

Chris Benoit had a three hour raw show cancelled in order to pay tribute to his life in an empty arena. 

Caption Lou Albano simply got a video package announcing his death and showed the highlights his career.

The inconsistencies with honoring the death of wrestlers through out the years are unfair in my opinion. Why is it that Lou Albano gets a video package and Test is only mentioned on WWE's website? Why does Eddie Guerrero get a tribute show and Umaga is only mentioned on WWE's website?

In my view both Test and Umaga deserve as much as a tribute as Lou Albano and Eddie Guerrero. Test and Umaga gave up their time with their families and worked their asses off for the WWE. 

I believe that the WWE should pay tribute to recently deceased wrestlers the same way regardless of whether or not they were main wrestlers or low carders on their respective shows. Also regardless of the company politics as-well. 

This is what the the tribute should be. At the start of the show they should have someone in the middle of the ring announcing the passing of the wrestler. He then asks everyone to stand for a ten-bell salute and show a video package highlighting their career and video message from other wrestlers concerning about the deceased wrestler.

I hope it will be years before another one of our beloved pro-wrestlers die from any means. When that day does come I hope WWE management pay their proper respect by doing more then posting the news of the wrestler passing on their website.