Impact Feedback: One, Two, Everybody Look What Lacey Can Do!

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Impact Feedback: One, Two, Everybody Look What Lacey Can Do!

Last week left a more-than-sour taste in everyone’s mouths as TNA did something more despicable than the two unjustified firings of Maria Kannellis and Mickie James put together! Yeah, it was that bad.

Roxxi was unceremoniously fired in the TNA building, was busted wide open on national television, and couldn’t even get a proper goodbye. This was enough to keep everyone from watching TNA ever again, including myself. But, being the dedicated follower that I am I decided to check out what’d happened yesterday on Impact. Watch what was found .

Angelina Love is in the ring now, with a really cool looking new outfit. Anyways, she begins cutting a promo on how while she was sitting on the sidelines with her injury she learned any bad move could end a wrestler’s career right then and there.

She says that every time they step into the ring they’re at risk of losing their careers, and she’s not gonna waste one more minute. She taunts the BP, letting everyone know she’s gonna take her title back. She then yells at Lacey to "get down here now!” Lovely.

Lacey comes out in a nice black ensemble, but I’m not so sure how I feel about the shorter hair. She’s beautiful either way, really. Lacey spanks her butt, wiggles it around a bit, and heads towards the ring.

Let me just say, this commentary is horrible. “She looks loose!” Really? She does? Wow, I would’ve never noticed that very important detail had it not been for the amazing analytical prowess held by Tazz. Sometimes I just have to shake my head…Moving on.

Lacey flips over the top rope as per usual, and Angelina, always the aggressor, nearly takes her head off with a nicely placed clothesline. Angelina stays on the attack, ramming Lacey’s pretty face into the turnbuckle.

Lacey only holds her face in agony, but Angie doesn’t relent. Angelina motions to the other turnbuckle, slamming LVE into it as before. I find it kind of funny how much Angelina is womanhandeling Lacey, because the girl is so damn tall! It’s really kind of hilarious when you pay attention to their sizes.

Angelina berates Lacey with some kicks and really vicious looking knees to her stomach before slamming her back to the mat. Angie takes time to look at her handiwork, mischievously grinning at the pain she’s caused Lacey. It’s a good touch, and makes her look like quite the masochist. Not to mention how much the crowd is eating it up.

Lacey then tries to find refuge in the corner, but Angelina follows, digging her foot into Miss Von Erich’s neck. At this point I question why Lacey keeps going to the corners, they aren’t exactly her friends. She sends Lacey to the opposite corner where Lacey jumps on the second rope, flipping over Angelina to avoid her ongoing attacks. Interesting.

She then tries to slide into a drop toe hold, but it ends up being a baseball slide of sorts. Lacey gets a two.

As both women get up Lacey questions Angelina, asking her what her problem is. Angelina just glares holes through the Von Erich offspring, and before Lacey can finish her sentence (“Why are you such a little-”) Angelina thwaps her hard in her face.

The former Knockouts Champion tries to whip Lacey to the ropes, but Lacey reverses this, nicely planting Angelina on her back by her hair. LVE begins to pound Angelina from the second rope in the corner, but Angelina reverses, powerbombing Von Erich nicely.

Angelina takes notice of her prey’s weak state, and she seems to have something wicked in mind. It turns out I was right (psh, as usual) because Miss Love heads to the outside, which is never a good sign in wrestling. She flings So Cal Val off of her chair fiercely, and takes it to the ring. Angelina positions the chair, grabbing Lacey up. Angie then proceeds to ddt the hell out of Lacey. Your winner via disqualification—Lacey Von Erich.

The match up itself was not as bad as it could’ve been, definitely not the train wreck I was anticipating. Angelina seems to have character development and promos down to a science. You could give the girl a cardboard box to work with in a promo and she would still own the crap out of it.

I liked her new outfit, and her badass face role (Which should be equivalent to Melina in WWE) makes her the Stone Cold Steve Austin, so to speak, of the TNA Knockouts.

She’s one of the few women in WWE and TNA that I would consider the "total package." She’s got the look, in ring skill, and mic skills perfectly down pat, and it’s smart of TNA (One of their only smart moves lately) to be pushing her after losing most of their Top Knockouts (Awesome Kong, Tara, ODB, Alissa Flash, and Roxxi).

Lacey really impressed me in this match. She seems to have good ring awareness, and the only noticeable mess up she had was the drop top hold/baseball slide thing.

I also think Lacey is really, really good at playing up her role. She knows how she’s supposed to act, and a fantastic example of this was when she asked Angelina what her problem was before getting clocked in the face. I think if Lacey continues to improve like this she’ll be able to put on some really good matches in the near future.

So far heading into Destination X is looking really good.  Hopefully TNA will continue to impress, and my brain cells won’t die after watching five minutes of their programming.

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