College World Series 2010: Five Reasons Why the CWS Is Better Than the Pros

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College World Series 2010: Five Reasons Why the CWS Is Better Than the Pros

The College World Series returns to Rosenblatt Stadium (more affectionately known as "The Johnny") for the 60th and final time this year.

This landmark stadium has seen some legends of the game both good and bad from Nomar Garciaparra to Roger Clemens (before he morphed into a WWF wrestler) to Barry Bonds (ditto) to HOFer Dave Winfield.

In the world of college sports, the CWS still remains somewhat unknown compared to its big brothers of football and basketball.

However, that doesn't change the fact that, once a year, in the buzzing metropolis of Omaha, one of the greatest traditions in collegiate sports takes place.

Every year "The Johnny" brings eight aspiring college ballclubs hoping to make their mark in history on its hallowed infield.

The tradition and atmosphere is what makes this a landmark event on the sports calendar.

So much so, I'm willing to say it is indeed better than the actual World Series.

In a time where millionaire professional athletes don't show up in the offseason because they want five million instead of three or don't hustle down the first baseline after a groundout, watching baseball in Omaha is an incredible breath of fresh air.

You won't see anyone jog, ever. More on this later.

You won't see anyone show up a teammate or yell at their coach.

You won't see anyone complain about playing time or stats.

You will see every player act as if their life hangs in the balance of the outcome.

You will see them dig out every ground ball and run both on and off the field at full speed.

You will see a determination and passion that is unrivaled in sports on any level.

And with that comes an experience that is definitively better than its professional counterpart.

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