Lakers vs. Celtics Game 7: Why Game Seven Stunk

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IJune 18, 2010

I forced myself to watch game seven of the NBA Finals to see who would win. My hope was for the Boston Celtics. Yet, that didn't happen. The Lakers came up with more plays in the end than the Celtics did. 

Yet, on both sides the teams stunk up the place. Kobe Bryant was constantly forcing up bad shots. Ray Allen couldn't hit the broadside of the barn with his jumpers. 

The officiating was atrocious just like it has been all season, so why should it change in the last game of the NBA Finals? By the way the officiating was bad on both sides. 

Fourth quarter was basically a free throw contest with both teams in the penalty early in the period. You would hope in the seventh game of the NBA finals the officials would let the teams play, but nope didn't happen. 

I got to love the Celtics though getting the lead up to 11 points in the second quarter and then to give it right up in the blink of an eye. The announcers of Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, and Dan Schulman would have you believe that both teams were playing great defense. 

Well during that run by the Lakers the Celtics threw the ball away countless times, took open shots, and had absolutely no flow on offense. 

That was further from the truth it was much of bad offense. The Celtics kept trying to matchup Paul Pierce on Ron Artest one-on-one, but it wasn't happening. The Celtics didn't change their tactic it's what lost the lead for them in the second quarter and what allowed the Lakers to overtake the Celtics in the fourth quarter. 

Ray Allen had some great looks including one just before half-time which would have pushed the Celtics lead to nine points. He went 3-14 from the field he did hit a big three pointer in the fourth quarter, but by that time though the Celtics were finished. 

The Celtics also had a struggle keeping the Lakers of the glass especially at the offensive end. Out of the 53 rebounds the Lakers had 23 of them were offensive. There's no excuse for that, that's just bad basketball. 

In the end the Lakers proved that they had something the Celtics didn't have. A player who could drive to the hoop in Kobe Bryant even though Bryant was awful from the field 6-24. Which is inexcusable considering that the Celtics have Rajon Rondo? 

There were only a couple of attempts by Rondo near the rim, when Rondo can drive on Derek Fisher or Jordan Farmar at will. 

After watching the game this has got to be one of the worst Finals game in NBA history. Got to give it up to the Lakers they wanted it more than the Celtics.