Quakes Report: Kei Kamara Sent to Houston Dynamo for First-Rounder

Sean ColemanCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2008

Shortly after Scott Sealy's arrival put Kei Kamara's starting role in jeopardy, word now comes from Houston that Kamara has been traded to the Houston Dynamo for a first-round draft pick, as well as allocation money.

While Kamara scored just two goals in his nine league appearances for the boys in blue, each strike came in a rare win for San Jose. Kamara may be expected to provide an immediate scoring threat for the Dynamo, who, outside of superstars Brian Ching and Dwayne De Rosario, do not have a single player who's scored more than one goal this season.

Now, let's be honest with ourselves, here. Anyone watching los Terramotos this season has seen the obvious futility up front, with much of the frustration coming from Kamara's complete inability to: 1. Stay on his feet with the ball (known commonly as Eddie Johnson at Fulham syndrome); 2. Put a shot on goal; 3. Finish the easiest of chances.

Unfortunately, Kamara is an incredibly nice guy. Even more unfortunately, little details like this aren't good enough in professional sports. The fact of the matter is, San Jose needs someone who can score goals, and Kamara is simply too raw, too rough.

An expansion team simply can't afford to have a project like Kamara, especially as a player that perhaps was considered one of the few scoring threats this team had. From the Dynamo perspective, the positive has to be the depth at forward the team now has a bit of.

Kinnear is known for his ability to create diamonds from dust, as evident with the bloom of both Nate Jaqua and Joseph Ngwenya at Houston. Perhaps Kamara can become yet another Creamsicle star. Good luck, Kei.