Brad Ziegler: Flying Under the Radar

E ASenior Analyst IJuly 24, 2008

2008 has been a great year for comebacks in Major League Baseball. Former heroin addict, Josh Hamilton, has come back to lead the league with 95 RBI at the break and finds himself in contention for a triple crown.

Francisco Liriano is fresh off Tommy John surgery, and he finds himself ready for the call to the big leagues to come while currently dominating AAA hitters. Less notably, Oakland pitcher Brad Ziegler is posting a feel-good comeback story flying under the radar.

Ziegler has only 22 and 2/3 innings pitched in his career, and that is good enough to set a record. What record, you might find yourself asking? Brad Ziegler has set the record for most scoreless innings to start a career.

Why is this special? Well, in his past, the 28 year-old was told by doctors that he would never play baseball again, after splitting his skull and having fluid on his brain. However, he defied the odds, and mounted a comeback. Sadly, he fractured a skull, and wound up again in the same position. However, Ziegler just will not stay down.

He is finally in the big leagues with Oakland, and he is quietly making noise in their bullpen. While this may or may not be as special as Josh Hamilton living up to being a No.1 overall draft pick, Brad Ziegler has won me over and will get my vote for Comeback Player of the Year.