Zaromskis vs. Cyborg Santos Play-By-Play: The Robotic Brazilian Destroys All

Sam NassarCorrespondent IJune 17, 2010

The mood at the weigh-ins was intense to say the least.  Both the ”Whitemare” and the tatted up Santos stared deep into each others eyes looking for any give or sign of weakness, there was not even a nod or blink of the eye by either fighter.  “Cyborg” looks to intimidate Zaromskis but there is no give in the “Whitemare’s” ice cold stare.

Entering the cage Santos looks like a man possessed with a devilish walk looking to do damage to his foe.  Zaromskis enters the cage cool. Calm and collected with a simple breath before he steps in to do battle.  The Dream Welterweight title holder seems to not allow the intensity of the moment to phase him at all.  

Zaromskis measures his opponent trying to work his distance.  Zaromskis has a game plan to move in and out working kicks high and low and straight rights and lefts.  Each time he comes close to the inside pocket of Santos the former Chute Boxe alum makes him pay for it.  Santos works hooks and counters successfully.

Zaromskis seems desperate to land a hail mary shot to put his opponent out quick.  The “Whitemare” lands a few high kicks that do not phase his Brazilian opponent at all.  The desperation grows more with each passing second showing Zaromskis throwing flying knees, jumping kicks with nothing coming close to landing clean.  

Zaromskis stays in the pocket too long and catches a clean hook from Santos.  Santos lands the punch with bad intentions following up immediately with devastating ground and pound leaving the “whitemare” seeing white.  

The female champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos can not run into the cage fast enough to congratulate her elated husband.  The female champion lifts her husband up to share in the celebration of his proud victory.  Ending the fight quickly there is no question as to why the Brazilian couple shares the same robotic nickname “ Cyborg”.  One thing is for sure for the terminating “Cyborg” he will be back.