Daniel Orton: NBA Draft Preview

Del ChocContributor IIJune 16, 2010

Daniel Orton
Height: 6'10''
Weight: 260 pounds
Age: 19-old
Position: power forward/center
College: Kentucky

Yes again, Kentucky head coach John Calipari is a coach for the ages. The guy is amazing at networking. He got Daniel Orton to invest in a role that would cater to DeMarcus Cousins's ego. Just look at the stats. Rasheed Wallace would say, "ball don't lie." In this case, stats do lie. Orton only averaged a dry 3 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 block per outing, which is anything but recognizable if you followed his stellar high-school career.

Anyhow, depending on who you ask, Orton projects from lottery to late first round selection. Had he attended another school, he'd probably be projected as a solid lottery pick.

He's like Andrew Bynum, but the only thing that separates the two is Orton didn't get denounced in a public conduit by Kobe Bryant: "Ship his ass," Bryant said during a hilarious era for the superstar in which he denounced Bynum while requesting a trade to the Bulls. Orton can evolve into a double-double player.

Watching his tapes, which are more fundamental based than anything, leave an open mind for possibilities. His anticipation for timing shots was shown during two games against Florida when he blocked eight shots total. Though his season wasn't spectacular when compared to teammates such as Cousins and John Wall, much of that can be excused by the knee injury he suffered in high-school, which might rear its ugly head once draft month gets closer. Who knows?

But his post moves are more advanced than one assumes, showing feel, agility, and a hook with the opposition on his back.

He can be backing you down one minute, then use a powerful drop step for another two. And he has the perfect repetition in hand-movement, which cannot be understated.

Rebounding, he's strong. Free-throw shooting, he's focused. On post defense, he's practically unmovable. 

A lot of teams could use Orton down the road, or for that matter, possibly right now. The Detroit Pistons are a possibility, but probably would select Orton with the sixth pick.

The Chicago Bulls. I've mentioned Bulls need size, big-men that can sprint, and a natural shot blocker. Joakim Noah isn't that player

Orton Draft Projection: 11 through 26