Almost! New York Closer to Legalizing MMA.

Lauren CullenContributor IJune 16, 2010

Finally! Some good news New Yorkers and MMA fans have been waiting for.

Today the NYS Senate voted to regulate MMA in New York, bringing us one step closer to allowing MMA to come to NY.

All that seems to be left is to have the bill passed by the State Assembly. That may be a bit hard because there are some close-minded people working there.

The phrase "human cockfighting" has been thrown around by a few of these people in New York.

Now I am overly excited at the prospect of having MMA be allowed in NYS. Seeing an event at MSG would be epic. It would also allow fighters from NY a chance to fight in their home state.

Two names that come to mind, Matt Serra and Matt Hamill (both of whom have been on the front lines of this battle.) Not only that, it would bring some much needed revenue into New York. Some much needed excitement as well.

So here I am, holding my breath, waiting for this bill to finally pass.