New York Yankees are Knocking on Boston's Door for a Three Game Rivalry Series

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2008

Every spring, I print off copies of the Yankee schedule. I remember performing this task while snow was flying and the deer were invading the yard. As I blew the printer ink dry and hung multiple copies in my closets, I looked at it and said, "July at Boston".  That will be cool.

Well it's here folks, and it is ON.  ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.  The Yanks are coming together, the Red Sox are well...

Let's stop and look at this reasonably.  Forget the hate.  How about the pitching matchups?

Friday Night in America...

Joba vs. Beckett 

How do you make this up?  This will draw the line in the sand.  A high scoring game would surprise me, hopefully for the better.

My thoughts?  Jump on him, score runs, make every pitch count.  The bullpen is tan, rested and ready.

Pettitte vs. Wakefield

OH MY!  This will be classic baseball.

Sunday Night?  Probably Mussina

Bottom line.  Swing the bats.  This is real baseball.  Make up ground.  Grind it out.  Rays need to start losing some games.