Two Overpaid Athletes: Differences Between A-Rod and Haynesworth

Ron Johnson@ron_johnson7Contributor IJune 16, 2010

So we all know that Albert Haynesworth and Alex Rodriguez are overpaid.  

They are the highest paid players in their respective sports.

Rodriguez got the biggest contract in MLB history, receiving $25 million dollars a year for 10 years.  This contract handcuffed the Rangers, making it extremely hard to move forward in signing other players.

Alex then saw himself dealt to the Yankees for Alfonso Soriano.  

With 2 years left in his contract, Alex opted out and then broke the record for highest paying contract, held by himself, and signed another 10 year contract for roughly 30 million.

Albert Haynesworth played for the Titans for a few years, and then went on to test free agency.  He then signed the richest contract in NFL history with the Redskins, a team he never has been quite so happy with, ever since he signed with them. 

They have both been surrounded by controversy at one time or another.

The steroid era included many players over the past 20 years.  Rodriguez was one of the more prominent players hit with allegations, which proved to be true.  Rogdriguez admitted his mistakes, didn't hide anything after he got caught, and most of the steroid focus on him has ended.  

Haynesworth on the other hand has surrounded himself with bad press over failures to report to mandatory training camp and for his total disrespect for the entire Redskins organization.  

The major difference between these two players deals with responsibility and class.

I agree they both don't deserve the ridiculous amount of money they have, but at least Rodriguez comes out and plays.  Over Rodriguez's years with the Yankees, he has been on the DL only twice.  Rodriguez shows up for practice, and never wines about losing. (This might be because the Yankees rarely lose).

Rodriguez also handles the press with more class.  He never complains about struggles, Joe Girardi, or the front office.  

Haynesworth on the other hand has done nothing but complain since he arrived in Washington.  He became unhappy with how they were using him in the 3-4 defense, but he knew the defense when he signed the contract.  

Rodriguez didn't complain when he had to change positions in order to be a Yankee. And he now has become one of the best SS-3B of all-time.

Haynesworth now has demanded a trade, further proving his immaturity.  Haynesworth needs to grow up and accept the terms to the contract that he signed.  

The NFL is full of immature characters, something I hope they continue to work on to change.