Michael Jordan Helps LeBron Look For A House in Chicago

Coach NickContributor IIJune 16, 2010


I have it from multiple sources that LeBron James and Michael Jordan were seen last week looking at homes near the Berto Center - home of the Bulls practice facility. You might ask why Michael was with him, since he now runs the Charlotte Bobcats, but who better to seek advice from if LeBron is serious about the Bulls.

Having played for the Bulls for over 12 seasons, Michael Jordan certainly knows the lay of the land. And having dealt with being the spotlight of being the league's premier player, Michael shares a unique perspective on how to pick the right home.

Does this mean that LeBron is coming to Chicago? Yes and no.

Two things we know for certain: LeBron is not going to the West. And he's not staying in Cleveland. Tom Izzo turning down the Cleveland job is a clear indication of that. And there is no reason for LeBron to head into the lion's den of the East - where the 3 teams that didn't even make the playoffs in the West could easily be 4,5,6 in the East.

So that leaves New York and Chicago - the only teams who have enough space to sign him. They also happen to be in 2 of the 3 biggest markets - certainly a large draw for LeBron.

No one has seen LeBron on the Upper West Side checking out apartments with a view of the park, so this is the clearest indication yet of where he will end up.

Since LeBron and Michael share the same number, perhaps Michael will just let LeBron stay in his old house in Highland Park - they wouldn't even have to change the gates.