NBA Finals 2010: Celtics and Lakers Fans, Step It Up for Finals Game Seven in LA

SeatGeekAnalyst IJune 16, 2010

As I have been watching the NBA Finals, I have been disappointed at the performances of the fans of both the Celtics and the Lakers.  Though the crowd intensity is up there, the chants are subpar at best. 

It’s the NBA Finals; Celtics vs. Lakers; if there was ever a time for their fans to step their game up, the time would be now.

Anyone who has watched the games has heard two prevalent chants throughout the series: “[Enter Team Here] Sucks” or “Beat [Enter Team Here].”  Real original. 

No offense Lakers fans, but I’m pretty sure Boston had “Beat LA” shirts first, so I give them claim to the “Beat LA” chant.  If I see any “Beat Boston” shirts or hear any “Beat Boston” chants, then whoever was wearing/chanting that is a banal copycat in my book.

With that, I guess Lakers fans can have the “Boston Sucks” chant, and turn that into t-shirts if they would like.  Although, I do have some serious problems with this chant, and it’s not just due to the fact that Jeff Van Gundy annoyingly calls them “anti-Boston” or “anti-LA” chants. 

Not only is this chant one of the most cliché in the book, but it’s also wholly factually inaccurate.  Neither the Lakers nor the Celtics suck; they’re both champions of their respective conferences, playing in the NBA Finals, and they’re two of the most successful franchises in the NBA and all of sports.  So please,  enough with that chant.

“Since we’re really unoriginal and you’re so smart and funny, what chants should we bring out for Game Seven?” you ask.  Great question!  Well, here are some ideas.

The Boston Celtics colors are green and white, just like Michigan State.  At State, they have a chant “Go Green, Go White”.  Pretty clever.  But then Michigan students countered with a brilliant chant that goes “Smoke Green, Snort White.”  Sheer brilliance. 

Now Lakers fans, I don’t expect you to use this forever, but feel free to try it out and get yourself warmed up, then break out your own chant that’s along the same line.

If that doesn’t work for you, you could always make fun of how ironic it is that the symbol of the Celtics (who are a basketball team filled with tall players and Nate Robinson) is a midget Leprechaun.  Or, the fact that if Ray Allen grew hair, or if Ray Allen’s mom shaved her head, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to tell them apart.

As for the Lakers, their colors are purple and yellow.  Purple is kind of a girly color.  It’s not quite as bad as pink, but what would you say if you saw a team dressed in pink?  You’d make fun of them.  A lot. 

So make fun of the Lakers for wearing a not-as-girly-but-still-kind-of-girly color every game.  Also, lets look at the name Lakers for a minute.  Generally, the name of a team has to do with where that team is located. 

I know that the Lakers were originally from Minneapolis, and there are tons of lakes in Minnesota, but now they’re in Los Angeles.  I’m pretty sure the only lakes in LA are artificial and in the backyard of Beverly Hills mansions.  Therefore, the Lakers is a stupid name.

Boston fans, if that’s not enough for you, you could always also make fun of how Pau Gasol wears a purse .

Anyway, Celtics and Lakers fans, I hope my spoonfed insults give you some good inspiration for Game Seven, what could perhaps be the greatest game in your entire lives.

When I watch the game on TV, I want to hear some greatness from you Lakers fans.  And Celtics fans, I want to know that at the sports bars in Boston, you were delivering Oscar winning performances.

At SeatGeek , we deal with ticket prices.   Our data shows us that the average ticket price transacted for Games One through Six was $683 , and current prices for Game Seven  are listed on the secondary market for an average of $1566. 

Now, once-in-a-lifetime moments are priceless in my opinion, and Celtics vs. Lakers in the NBA Finals Game Seven is certainly once-in-a-lifetime.  However, if you’re going to dish out that much money to catch the action live, might as well work hard to achieve greatness, and ink your names in my history book. 

I can’t wait to see what both the fans, and the teams, bring for me in Game Seven.

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