Looking at the 'Big Four' for Fatal Fourway

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 Looking at the 'Big Four' for Fatal Fourway

WWE Fatal Four-Way is fast approaching and it's obvious that they need some help in the Divas department. While LayCool is somewhat holding their division steady on Smackdown, it's crumbling down heavily on Raw. This became more apparent than water on Raw when a match was set between Gail Kim, Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Eve Torres for Fatal Fourway.

Looking at the facts, this match could go two ways. Either it's going to be a total train wreck, or it will be a great, gritty match to look back on. Individually, each woman has their own flaws and strengths that will ultimately shape the way the match turns out. Let me break it down for ya':

Gail Kim is arguably the top female worker in North America. The woman can wrestle her butt off, and in the process makes anyone she's working with look like gold. Her selling is not overly-indulged, and her timing is perfection. Gail's arsenal of moves also always keeps a match exciting, and you never know what she's gonna' bust out, as seen in her fantastic Superstar's match with Jillian.

So what's the big problem with Gail Kim? We have no reason to cheer for her. Gail has been with the WWE for a little over a year now, and what have they done with her? Absolutely nothing. Unless you count jobbing her out numerous times as 'good use'. Gail was never given a chance to develop a character. She was never pushed in a storyline that was driven with characters and plots, and the only thing making fans care somewhat about her right now is her wrestling.

Alicia Fox has been known to be a good, capable worker. She held her own against the company's top Divas over on Smackdown, and has proved she can be a hot commodity over on Raw. Alicia has a good understanding of the basic, mat wrestling that is needed to drive a match, yet she has her own signature moves that make you keep watching.

While all of this is fine and dandy, Alicia has the same problem as Gail. We don't know her. I mean, who is this chick? What does she want, and how should we know? Alicia has been given many mini-pushes that never amounted to anything, but she never actually built a character. Throw in that she's still a bit green in the ring and her selling can be overdone, and you'll find Sunday might not be so great.

Maryse, Maryse, Maryse. Interesting little Maryse. I can't count the number of times I've had to hear that name, and even write it! WWE seems hard-pressed on pushing this girl to the moon, but there are a few problems.

It's true that Maryse is one of the very few women on the roster who actually has a character, and is over with the fans to a degree. Her mannerisms are great, and her charisma is off the charts. People want to see this woman live, and she can get people to care about what she's doing, but her wrestling is not up to par in the least.

Ever since her knee injury, Maryse has not been allowed to showcase the wide array of moves she has stored up. WWE wants to keep her "safe" from injury, because after all, who else do they have who can get tickets bought like her? The moves Maryse does hit she hits well, but a backbreaker and camel clutch can't make up a full match. This is Maryse's biggest and most apparent flaw.

This woman simply can not wrestle a full, solid match based on kicks, forearms, hair smashes, backbreakers, and camel clutches. It's just not possible. And we know the girl can wrestle, because we've seen it before when she faced Michelle McCool, WWE just has to allow her to do so.

And finally we come to our Divas Champion, Eve Torres. Eve is somewhat over with the fans. She gets that pop and fan reaction, however small it may be, and she can string together a solid, coherent match up if up against a good opponent. But, Eve is still very, very green in the ring.

Her moveset is all flash and no substance, and this is where her downfall comes from. If she's working with an experienced girl she can turn out fantastic matches, but when she's up against someone on her level it turns out less than stellar. This was made clear at Over The Limit when she faced Maryse. I thought it was a good match to a degree, but it felt like it was just two girls going through the motions, as opposed to two women who want to beat the crap out of each other.

So who should take the win this Sunday? The experienced veteran, or the promising rookie? The charismatic challenger, or the improving champ? I say aim for one of the first two. Maryse is charismatic and fun, which is great, but she isn't doing her job right. Maryse is a heel, which means people are supposed to boo her, not cheer. It would be too hard to get the fans to turn on her now, while it would be easier to build up new characters in Gail and Alicia.

Gail and Alicia have more than enough charisma to get the fans to care about them, and their wrestling is top notch, at least at good standards. Afterwards, whoever wins can feud with the other until Melina makes her long-awaited return and feuds with either girl.

We've seen Melina in the ring with both, and every time they delivered. Alicia has great chemistry with both women, as does Gail. Since it's obvious WWE isn't turning Melina heel anytime soon, have Gail turn heel and then a returning Melina can feud with her for months. These three women could bring prestige back to Raw, and the WWE Women's Division.

Let's hope WWE doesn't drop the ball on this one.

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