Isaac's Info: St. Louis Sports Center

Isaac FishCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2008

The St. Louis Sports center formerly Vetta Hampshire is the number one sports facility in the Midwest.

It has an indoor turf facility and it has six hardwood basketball floors: The University of Tennessee, Centenary College, Conference USA,  the Seattle Super Sonics, the Army court and my favorite the St. Louis Hawks Floor.

On the turf you can play Baseball, Football, have soccer practice and even hit Golf balls off a mat...I can't believe it.

There's even going to be two or three shooting labs and a sports performance training

Can this place have any more?

You should come and see it.

I'm going to tell you about all of the floors.

The Tennessee court was played by a high school team in the state finals.

The conference USA court was played by the old Conference USA team.

The Army court was played on by Mike Krzyzewski and coaches by coach Bobby Knight.

The Seattle Super Sonics court was played on by the Seattle Super Sonics not the Oklahoma city Super Sonics.

The Centenary Collage court is played on by Robert Parish.

And the best of all the St. Louis hawks floor because all the players get to sign the floor.