Colorado Rockies Season Continues to Drift Downstream

Daniel DaytonContributor IJune 16, 2010

I haven't written anything about the Rockies in a while. I've been busy. Life, fishing, being totally obsessed with college football conference realignment stuff (which sure turned out to be anti-climactic).

But one reason I haven't written anything is because there really isn't much to write about the Rockies. They are currently just drifting along. Over their last 10 games they are the definition of mediocre at 5-5.

They were 4-3 on their last home stand, and those that look at the glass half full will point out that the Rockies swept the surprisingly good Toronto Blue Jays.

Those of us that see the glass half empty will point out the Rockies dropped three out of four at home to the Houston Astros, who did have the worst record in the National League (now they are a half game into next to the worst team over the Pirates).

So where is this Rockies team going? It sure doesn't seem like the Rockies want to win the National League West, as many of the guess-perts had them before the season. As the Rockies have never won a division in its history of existence, these really were exciting expectations.

Personally I had envisioned a summer of well-played games in Coors Field, and the Rockies being the talk of the town. I was looking forward to the buzz as the team approached the playoffs.

Instead, it seems the Rockies are the poster boy of "meh."

What can the Rockies do to get this dead boat going?  

First off, the Rockies need to get more consistent in their game, and by that I mean all aspects. Like most .500 teams, the Rockies are neither good nor bad. They show flashes of both.

What's hurt the Rox the most is they haven't put together all aspects in a game enough. If they get runs and hits, the bullpen blows up. If they get great pitching, they struggle to get enough runs to keep the game from looking like a soccer score.

The Rockies need to play a full nine innings. This is the oddest of all the stats so far this season: After the sixth inning the Rockies have a National League-low batting average of .207 (compared to their overall BA of .260, which ranks eighth in the NL)!

In innings 1-6 the Rockies are second in the league in batting average, and number one in runs (and runs batted in) with 231, compared to the No. 2 team Arizona with 219.

Really, I have no idea how to explain these numbers. Do the Rockies not handle the pressure of the late innings? Do the Rockies not adjust at the plate during a game? Is some of the youth the Rockies have showing still? (I thought the Gen R kids were veterans now.)

Is the bench not as good as advertised? (On that one, I'd say yes, as Melvin Mora and Jason Giambi have disappointed, but the 25th guy on the roster is NOT the reason for anything good or bad on a baseball team.)

The Rox need to turn that number around, score some runs late, and start winning more games than they lose. This team needs a leader to step up and get "hot," and go on a streak that will carry the team and heat up the other Rox bats.

Really, I keep waiting for Ian Stewart and/or Brad Hawpe to be that guy. But they better start soon, or this season is going to slip away, and the Denver fans will be not talking Rockies, but Broncos training camp or the rainbow they caught on the Blue River.  

Now, I'm going back to learning how to fly fish so I can have some good lies, er, stories.