Tennessee's Vince Young Needs To Be Suspended

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Tennessee's Vince Young Needs To Be Suspended
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Stay consistent Roger Goodell. 

You have to suspend Vince Young. 

In this era of zero tolerance for off-field issues and a personal conduct policy that is meant to keep players from disgracing the NFL shield, you have to stay consistent and suspend Vince Young.

You opened Pandora's box, Mr. Goodell, when you suspended Ben Roethlisberger for merely being accused of a crime.  There is video evidence of Vince Young fighting in a strip club.

True, the actions Ben was accused of are worse than Young's actions, but the Titan received a citation, and there is video proof of Young's actions all over the Internet. 

If that's not an embarrassment for the league, then nothing is.  Roethlisberger, as of now, has just been wrongly accused twice.

I applaud you, Mr. Goodell, for not wanting the NFL to become a "thug" league and for taking steps to keep players in line.  However, there has to be consistency when applying these penalties.

The bottom line is that both players have disgraced the NFL.  Both players were in bad situations that most likely involved alcohol late at night.

But one of these players has gotten away with it so far. 

Stay consistent Mr. Goodell.

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