World Cup 2010: Eight Reasons Why It's Overrated

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World Cup 2010: Eight Reasons Why It's Overrated

"Just because the rest of the world eats rice, doesn't mean its the best food. Just like just because the rest of the world plays soccer, doesn't mean it's the best sport."

Colin Cowherd

Yesterday afternoon, I was listening to the Herd on ESPN radio when Colin laid down the law with that quote.

I could not agree more.

Lost in all the pageantry, all the tradition, all the happiness of this event is the fact it's just not that the greatest sport. It's not even close.

Don't get me wrong. I'll watch the USA in their matches and cheer for them mainly because it's my country playing for something the international world is involved in.

Even though I will go to a bar with my buddies and chant USA all night after we've had a beer or 6 doesn't mean I am entertained by this championship whatsoever.

Just like with the Olympics, I will not watch soccer probably at all unless it's the World Cup.

Back to the Olympics, you will never find me or I assume the majority of Americans dedicate an afternoon to watching swimming, gymnastics, or track unless it's the Olympic Games.

Or if there is some smoking hot gymnast or swimmer, I would actually probably watch that for a couple hours.

That same feeling of indifference translates to the World Cup.

I know there are die-hard soccer fans who are all about the English Premier League and such but still for the majority of people who live in the USA, soccer only matters for that one month every four years.

How can you respect a sport when the majority of people in the US only care about when it's involved on a global scale?

I get that its cool it happens once every four years. I get that the rest of the world loves futbol. I get that it brings together countries that don't like each other and even ones that have the potential to blow up the world (Hello North Korea.)

What I don't get is how some can actually say that these are the best athletes in the world, that this is the best sporting event. I think you could argue it's more of an event than a sporting event.

People like the World Cup because it's the World Cup, not because it's a sport.

Like Cowherd was saying, just because the rest of the world thinks soccer is the greatest sport doesn't mean it is or anywhere near the best.

And on that note...

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