FIFA World Cup 2010: Meet the WAGs, the Desperate Housewives of Soccer

Angie MeyerContributor IIJune 16, 2010

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 24: Victoria Beckham poses for a picture at the Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Parker Night of Fashion & Technology with LG Phones event held at Soho House on May 24, 2010 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)
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Watch out Wisteria Lane, hold on there Ms. Bethany Frenkel... this month we'll get to know a whole new spotlight of glam-gals. We can tell you this, these ladies aren't your average Stepford Wife. They're WAGS. WAGS? Why, yes, of course. WAGS.
Over the weekend I was enlightened by a show-stoppingly amazing new term that has my British friends wide-eyed and grinning. In a variety of my World Cup mingles over the past week, I've heard the term WAGS used numerous times.
Having absolutely no idea what WAGS meant, I went straight to the source: My best friend for life, Google.
Apparently, the term WAGS has been around for a few years. How could I have never heard of this? An absolutely fabulous acronym that has been afloat across the pond, and under our radar here in the states?
A WAG stands for the wives and girlfriends of high profile soccer (football) players. In America, we relate it to Becks' glamorous arm candy, Victoria Beckham... aka: Posh!
The term WAGS came to fruition via our friends at the British tabloid press. The term was used as an abbreviation to describe the absolutely fashion forward "friends and family" fan-box who steps out holding their Hermes Berkin bags, wearing Chanel, Dior, Prada, Pucci, and, of course, Louboutins, to support of their soccer playing man-folk.
These women make soccer games look like the pages of Vogue.
To really uncover the history of the WAG, we need to head back in time to 2002. A British writer begged the question, would Posh would fit into the world of soccer princesses?  He named the people who populated this world the WAGS.
In the world of WAGS money is key, monogamy is a laugh, and what you're wearing means more then your hubby's game score. It's a fabulously caddy world of women who love attention, prestige, and most of all... have appreciation for England's favorite footballers, on and off the soccer field.
Besides Mrs. Beckham, other famous WAGS include Cheryl Cole of the group "Girls Aloud," who was married to footballer Ashley Cole in 2006 (which results in a post of its own—we'll go there later), and Wayne Rooney's wife, Colleen, who is also part of this glamorous squad.
The term WAG has since crept it's way into other entities besides soccer, and is now frequently used umbrella term used to describe the ever-fabulous, athlete trophy-wives in a number of other sports worldwide.
There have been a variety of television shows that have chronicled the life of the WAG, including "Footballers Wives" and "WAGS Boutique."
Next time you watch a World Cup game, make sure to scour the stands for the fabulous fashion plates who walk the stadium as though it's a runway. If you spot a WAG, watch how it interacts in it's natural habitat.
Amazing creatures!

Stay Fabulous and WAG-tastic,