Angelo, Sign Devin Hester! Sooner Rather than Later

Kwonae McGeeCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2008

Nobody panic, he'll be there! He's a star that wants to be paid like a star, and the Bears are going to give him what he wants. Normally I would have a bad feeling about the decision making of Chicago sports authorities, but I got the feeling the Bears know what's good for them.

The one thing the Bears need is for Hester to be patient and understand that the money will be there for him. I just hope they can make this go away before Devin does or says something to burn bridges between him and the team. I've seen this sort of thing before.

Things are said and taken out of context, or the person says something they end up regretting.

We have had some key losses as well as some key additions. But I think everyone would agree, losing Devin Hester would be devastating. I'm not saying do something ludicrous, but don't play with fire, we all know the outcome. We will never find another Devin Hester in this lifetime. 

So to both Hester and the Bears' organization; let's get this done quickly, professionally and keep everyone happy.