It's a no from Izzo, Summer of Nightmares takes predictable turn

Kirk LammersContributor IJune 15, 2010

After being hotly pursued by Cavaliers' owner Dan Gilbert, Tom Izzo in the end chose to stay home and continue to build on his legacy as one of the top college coaches in the game. The Cavaliers, who threw everything they had into the Izzo pursuit, are now staring down being coachless when LeBron James ultimately makes his decision on where to play next season. The chicken and the egg dilemma has been well-documented (the Cavs want a coach to impress LeBron, but no one will commit until they know LeBron is on board), but only now does it emanate a palpable sense of uncertainty and anxiety about where the Cavs are now and where they'll be in a few weeks.

In his East Lansing press conference, Izzo exuded the strong leadership qualities and motivational speak that made me only want him more for the Cavaliers' coaching vacancy. He spoke from the heart about how he is so tied with the Spartan community and how the current and former players reaching out to him ultimately helped him make his decision. That's all well and good, but there's little doubt that a different tune may have been sung with LeBron James under contract. Izzo acted as if this was his last flirtation with the NBA, and I'm inclined to believe him. If he wasn't willing to take this money and this potential situation to win a championship with a MSU alum for an owner, I don't think anything will uproot him from Michigan State now. He said he was remotivated by all of this soul searching over the last nine days, and how could he not be with the opportunity to go back to MSU and win another national title?