Worst World Cup Ever?

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Worst World Cup Ever?
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i waited so long to start this tournament and so does every player participating in the world cup but after watching the first round of the beautiful game, the game does not look pretty at all. why? mainly due to controversies surrounding this global event which i will be discussing in this article.

The vuvezelas, i am sure many people have already wrote about it so i am not gonna dwell on this and in short i just wants to say "BAN THIS OBNOXIOUS, ANNOYING, IRRITATED HORN".

Secondly, the obvious one which i think is the main reason we are not seeing any magical displays from the most talent individuals from all around the world. "JUBILANI" is the centre of every ones attention, so much so that when i watch the match i worried about will the striker be able to trouble the goalkeeper (if by luck the shot is hit on goal which is a rarity even there are more yellow cards in the tournament so far then the shots on goals). i hate this ball and i hate Adidas for making it because they have made the mess out of it. yeah we can argue the sea level, wind etc but it could have been all irrelevant if the ball controversy would never have started. 

I had no problem with the ball when keepers started complaining mainly because i thought that, matches will be full of blunders and beauties from strikers but when the strikers start complaining then you start swallowing the fact that Adidas has failed miserably in its job.

Last but not the least is the staff of South Africa which is not good enough to do the job properly. The last thing you want in this kind of an event is, that the organizers don't care or they are simply not good enough to do their jobs which in return leads to anger and frustration from the players, their managers and from their fans all around the world. 

In the match between Holland and Denmark, Holland being a home team wanted the pitch to be heavily watered but the lazy ass ground staff did not do it which in result, we saw a lot of bad first touches from the two of the worlds most gifted and skillful players.

In Bert van Marwijk words "As the home team, we get to decide what happens to the pitch. We needed it sprayed. Wet. So we can play our smooth pass and move game. They hadn’t done it. God knows why but it’s annoying...We all needed two extra seconds to control the ball. Normally you’d worry about the next pass, in this game you worried about keeping the ball. If you watch us back on video in the first half, you can see confident ball handlers like Robin and Rafael struggling with their first touches…"

i think if FIFA cannot hire qualified and experienced individuals to get the job then they ( President. vice president) should step up and water the pitch themselves before every match. 

All in all there is nothing positive to write about the FIFA world cup in SOUTH AFRICA so far.

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