Don't Ruin Luke Schenn: An Order From Leaf Nation

Mike AyoubCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2008

If Leaf Nation was able to give one order to MLSE, its head office goons, and coaching staff as of now it would probably read like this: DON'T RUIN LUKE SCHENN!!!

 He is going to be amazing and if we throw him in the league when he is not needed then they are taking the chance of obstructing his development.

To think Kaberle is the latest player the Leafs were able to draft and condition to be an NHL elite...the sad thing is he's been playing for what is it ten years now??? Where are all the other prospects in between? We keep throwing them in to the den of lions and hoping they will survive...but you have to teach them how to defend themselves before they make that leap!

Conditioning, conditioning, and some more conditioning is what they need to do to these players before they are league ready.

How many names have we heard over the past five-six years that were supposed to be the next Gilmours, Sundins and Clarks? They praise these players until their heads are stuck in the clouds and then they throw them in a uniform and say "OK Kid, go save our season!"


Lets all hold hands and pray for Shenn, a prospect that has the potential to be the next Lidstrom, Neidermeyer, or just LUKE SHENN  (which from what I've seen is good enough in my books).

Or he could be just another Leaf prospect that was suited up too early and ended up a 3-4th line player until he gets lost in the world of has-beens and vanishes away...or moves to Russia!