Mike Stanton's Home Debut For The Marlins Not Getting Hype

SeatGeekAnalyst IJune 15, 2010

JUPITER, FL - MARCH 15:  Outfielder Mike Stanton #80 of the Florida Marlins hits a two-run home run against the Minnesota Twins at Roger Dean Stadium on March 15, 2010 in Jupiter, Florida. The Marlins defeated the Twins 5-4.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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As we have shown at SeatGeek over the past few weeks, Stephen Strasburg has had a huge impact on ticket prices. The hype and excitement surrounding Strausburg has been enormous. Not only did he affect prices at home, but he had an impact on prices for his first start on the road. We know the hype surrounding other top prospects’ debuts isn’t going to be anywhere close but would other top prospects’ debuts effect a jump in ticket prices?

We have our first opportunity to look into this following Strasburg’s debut with the debut of Marlins top prospect Mike Stanton. According to MLB.com, going into the season Stanton was ranked as the 3rd best prospect in baseball, behind only Jason Heyward and Strasburg. Last week, ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick called Stanton a “one in a million talent.” Clearly, there is some excitement. However, Stanton’s major league debut last Tuesday in Philly was overshadowed by Strasburg’s major league debut on the same night. SeatGeek saw no  jump in prices for Stanton’s debut, but keep in mind his debut was on the road. Though Strasburg affected road ticket prices, he was an exception and it is very unusual for a road debut to have any impact on prices.

Tonight, Stanton will make his home debut and we thought it would be interesting to see if there is any jump in secondary market ticket prices which do a good job of showing consumer sentiment. MLB.com writer Joe Frisaro, who covers the Marlins, described Stanton’s home debut as “highly anticipated.” Let’s see if this shows up in the ticket prices.

Here is a graph comparing average ticket prices for the Marlins at home this season and for the two other Marlins-Rangers games to his home debut on Tuesday.

Ticket Prices for Stanton's Home Debut

Obviously, I doubt that the Stanton debut is having a negative effect on ticket prices. I would guess that the decrease in prices for his debut and the series overall has more to do with the opponent and how the Marlins are playing at this point in the season. However, it seems safe to say that his debut is having no effect on ticket prices at all. This begs the question: Why? Is it because Stanton is a hitter and there is less excitement over hitters? SeatGeek has looked at this before and concluded that “we can anticipate that under the rare circumstances that ticket prices are affected by individual performances – it will be from star pitchers and not hitters.” Could it have something to do with the Marlins fanbase? The Marlins home attendance is lowest in the majors with just 16,267 average attendance per game.

I have a feeling it is a combination of a number of factors, some of which we may never know. However, we do know for sure that, even though Stanton was rated as the third best prospect in baseball before the season started, his home debut had absolutely no effect on the secondary ticket market. Any thoughts?

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