A Minor Look at the 2010 New York Giants

Winsford BelleContributor IApril 11, 2017

Last year the New York Giants went 8-8 in a tough NFC east division. The main problem with the New York Giants was their defense. The Giants defense let up the most points in the NFC East at 427 points against. The Giants stepped up their defensive secondary by signing Antrel Rolle. Rolle has been a great player for the Arizona Cardinals helping them to a Super Bowl. He is definitely a key player that the New York Giants need for their secondary. Another area of their defense that needs to be looked at our adjusted before the beginning of the season is the linebacker positions. Once they get healthy, continuous starters, they will have a decent core to play with. The offensive line has been very steady and it seems that they will be good once again come this season. The Giants look poised to do well this season and I can see them finishing 2nd in their division with a playoff spot.

The Giants offense its a very good offensive team and will look to up their game next season. Brandon Jacobs played hurt throughout the ‘09 season and was effective at times. After his knee surgery, he will look to return to old form when he first arrived and create havoc on the field.