Raw 6/14/10

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Raw 6/14/10
Bret Hart wants the NXT guys to apologize.

Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, Darren Young, and David Otunga are all proud of themselves, as is Wade Barrett their spokespeople. Wah wah wah. “We were treated like animals and when people are treated like animals they begin to act like them.” Then Barret goes on and on and on. He feels like they did something… “great”. Yeah, tough guy, keep it up… Here comes Bret Hard.
He calls them cowards. Daniel Brian mentioned… he’ll never be seen here again because he had reservations about what happened. Wade Barrett whining about NXT and WWE management. Awwwwh. *sniff* What a bunch of crybabies. Barrett says he has a contract and a title match for the WWE and the other NXT members. They all want guaranteed WWE contracts they want their own private changing rooms and first class travel all the way. Failure to comply (according to Otunga), there’ll be more of them beating on RAW.
Bret Hart says “No.” He’s not going to sign any of them. You made the mistake of your life, he says, when you attacked John Cena. No more PPV option for Barrett-he’s FIRED. Tells the other guys to get out of the ring or he’ll call the police and have them removed.

Jerry Lawler is pleased that all the guys are out of there!  He's really into this one.

A F4W match for the US Championship. Truth, Morrison, Ryder (*cries* Go away!), and The Miz! I’m feeling a little icky about this, because it seems that, other than Kofi, and even Kofi in comparison with other stars of the WWE, black WWE stars are less likely to hold on to their titles. Hope to be proven wrong. Truth and Morrison kind of team up to get the Miz out of it for a bit. Zack Ryder v. Morrison on top rope, Truth goes up and pulls them both down. Ryder rolls Truth up, but Truth kicks out. Nice kick to the head of Ryder, but Miz breaks up the pin. The Miz nailed by Morrison-straight out of the ring, both of them. Morrison stops Truth from pinning Ryder. Miz tossed back out over the top rope. Some nice exchanges by Truth and Morrison. Truth goes for the pin and Ryder pulls it apart. Morrison kills it with Starship pain! Miz throws Morrison out, pins Truth, and wins! Miz is now champion… now I feel a little ickier.

I love Jerry’s commentary about the Miz… he’s hilarious about Miz never shutting up.
Big Show will be starring on the next “Royal Pains” on Thursday. Blah, blah, blah-Host crap that we don’t care about. The million dollar man comes out and offers a car to Mark Feurstein co-guest host” status. Dibiase tells Virgil to take care of it. Show shows up and shuts them up. Bella’s aren’t all that impressed by him. Tag match set up, Virgil and Dibiase vs. Show and Mark Feurstein.

Jericho vs. Evan Bourne!!! I -love- Evan Bourne! That smile is infectious. He’s cute, he’s nice, he’s quick, I adore this kid and want to see him do well…
Jericho gets away with a few moves, then Bourne begins to pick up speed until Jericho clotheslines. Kickout by Bourne. Jericho has a 3 loss streak, they mention. Evan pushes up from a sleeper hold and goes for some quick kicks to Jericho’s thighs. More kicks, he starts moving quickly around the ring, Bourne tries to roll up, but Jericho rolls through, and Jericho tries for Walls of Jericho, but Bourne flips and kicks out of the attempt, Jericho tried a code breaker, Evan kicks out, DQ because he wouldn’t listen to the ref and went beyond the five count at the rope. Bourne wins by DQ. Jericho tries to beat on Evan a bit, but Evan comes out, fighting back and nails airbourne!

John comes out to tell off the NXT members who suddenly begin to show up, and Jerry Lawler is the first guy up there at Cena’s side followed closely from the other side by Bourne! People from the RAW roster come running out to partake in the beating of the NXT rookies including Orton, Sheamus, Santino, Kool-Aide (ooh, Mark Henry, I mean!), and Sheamus. They chase those little bastards out the door to the ramp out of the building.

Diva’s match. Eve and Gail v. Alicia and Maryse. I don’t care, so long as Maryse doesn’t get the win until she grows that mullet out of existence. Eve and Gail win it. SSDD.

Show announces his partner Mark Feurstein. Then Dibiase and Virgil come in. Dibiase is trying to hold on to Big Show from behind and shoved him back with his toosh. *lol* Show’s sitting on his face in the corner of the ring! Smacks by Show… OUCH! Dibiase rakes the eye when the ref’s view is blocked by Show. Virgil’s in, gets slammed, rolls out! *lol* Feurstein throws Virgil back in! Two big smacks to Virgil’s chest by Show… all you can say is ouch, ouch! Chokeslam by Show! Feurstein is in… and.. does some stupid things like the worm and then lays an arm over Virgil to get the pin. *eyeroll* All was fun until Feurstein came in, then it was just another stupid host (from now on called JASH). Dibiase shoves money down Virgil’s throat. What a dick… he took the money back.

Regal v. Santino: Guest Ref-Kozlov. *Yawn* Regal wrestles (yeah he’s a dick, but he does actually wrestle). Santino has too many gimmicks. Santino rolls Regal up into a pin, and wins it.
Bret Hart asks the Raw (including Santino, Regal, and Kozlov) roster to come out on stage to watch over the Cena/ Orton v. Edge/Sheamus match.

What can I really say about this match… I could try to give you a play by play, but in the end, it’s just a good match all around so far. Back and forth control, good pairings. Although I must admit I keep yelling “C’mon John! What the hell!” *chuckle* I love these guys. Orton looks like he’s gonna crawl out of his skin to get in that ring! Sheamus looks like a big white baby attached to John as John tries to make it to Orton.. he almost gets him! But Sheamus wears him down. Edges is in… Attitude Adjustment countered. Here comes Orton! It’s Orton v. Sheamus. FACEBUSTER! Viper coiling and ready to strike… RKOd Edge! Sheamus did a forearm bash, bringing Orton down. Irish curse backbreaker for Orton. Cena holding out his hand for a tag if Orton wants it. Edge is in… crowd chants RKO. Orton gets a boot to the head in… Orton tags! NXT guys are ruining the back room area of the WWE roster. They’ve got the Hitman!!!! They put him in a limo that crashes him all over the place. Hitman down…
And it’s over. Hummm…  don't know what happened with our guys in the ring.

-NXT idiots
+Raw roster
= Cena (I’m not sure he can go up anymore!)
-Edge (BORING)
+Sheamus (with his pipe!)
-Dibiase (bleh.)
+Jerry Lawler!
+Bret Hart (for being involved – his mic skills still need a bit of work)
=The Miz
See you Friday or Saturday!

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