Adrenaline Wrestling 7 Year Odyssey To Be Who They Are?

Adam SantosContributor IJune 15, 2010

Adrenaline Wrestling was never a solid plan in the beginning, this Idea is about a seven year Odyssey that began with a company called, World Wrestling Association in 2002 but the original layout was written and continuously changing among three individuals who kept working on a detailed plan for the future. But by 2005 WWA unfortunately folded before the detailed plans where introduce.


Well, in 2006 ACWW was made in the aftermath of WWA and during this period couple of people joined the group to build up the whole Original plan, this included former WWA World Heavyweight Champion, Adam Bates and Mark Dehmer who added to the complete format that was being worked on during WWA from 2002-2005 only to see it never go through, because Adam Bates left ACWW because he felt he had nothing left to give to the business, and shortly after that Mark Dehmer left ACWW as well because of Personal reasons.


Therefore ACWW with them invading PPW- (Portland Professional Wrestling for 2007), while this was happening the original formula tp give Professional Wrestling something different, but when this was finished ACWW folded.


In 2008 a experimental league CCW- (Competitive Championship Wrestling) was born by AJ Saint & Roberto Sanchez. So after about few months CCW folded like the others did.


But in July 2009 was a sneak peek of AW but with problems in booking dates and reliable wrestlers they postponed their 2009 season and moved it to 2010. Now, what has been a Odyssey has openly became a dream come true for the men involved who build this new league and now what we are witness and history in the making with a weekly show online every Wednesday. Showing what they have been working on all these years.