WPHT's Larry Andersen Suggests Balls Across NY Met Jose Reyes' Nose

bob mantz@bobsblitzSenior Writer IJuly 24, 2008

Balls across the nose of Jimmy Rollins. (Photo)

Newsday's Neil Best reported that WPHT 1210's radio analyst Larry Andersen said in regards to Jose Reyes' home run celebration yesterday, "Somebody ought to put one in his neck."  WPHT is aptly called 'The BIG Talker'.

I guess Andersen would suggest the same for Phillies' Jimmy Rollins celebration Tuesday or Shane Victorino's stare and clap into the Mets dugout after scoring in the ninth? (And why was Rollins benched yet again today...late to the stadium.)

Funny how guys in a booth 200 feet away make aggressive statements towards 5'10" 190 lbs. players. This, also, coming from a guy who hit a grand total of 17 batters in his 17 MLB seasons.  Imposing.

Do you want to bet me Andersen would not have suggested such actions against Darryl Strawberry or Ray Knight?  No way he suggests balls to the face of either of those two. 

Either way—it was unprofessional and inciting.  An apology is not enough—he should be fined and suspended.

Maybe Eugene is still upset at his ESPN vote for one of the worst deadline trades ever or his Wikipedia entry:

"He is perhaps best known, in addition to his work with the Phillies broadcast team, as being the player who was involved in one of the most lopsided trades in sports history.

In 1990, he was traded to the Red Sox for minor league prospect Jeff Bagwell. While Andersen played only one season for the Sox, appearing in 15 games and recording four saves, Bagwell became a legend in Houston, hitting 449 home runs with over 1500 RBIs and a .297 average."

I guess he never had a chance to do this: http://magicmets.com/images/webimages/phillyphailure.jpg

And if he's making over 250k to do local baseball radio, he's able to afford a 100k fine.

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PS.  Hmmmm, this article went live 6/26 at 11am.  I estimated the booth at 200ft away and lowered Reyes' actual official listing of being 6 ft tall to 5' 10" for exaggerational (yeah, I know that's not a word) purposes.

This article seem very familiar?  With the line, "Suck it up and do your job without trying to act tough by threatening a 5′10″ shortstop from 200 feet away."

Damn, I'm being QUOTED now.  How Cool!


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