Why Darren McFadden Should Win the Heisman Trophy

Joe CottageContributor INovember 26, 2007

IconOne game.

That's all it takes: one game.

One game should be enough to get Darren McFadden the Heisman Trophy.

College football is about moments—about big players rising to the occasion in big games.

On Friday, McFadden played bigger than anyone I've ever seen.

The Arkansas stud was the Best Player in the History of the World against LSU. He was Superman after a date with Victor Conte. He was Bo Jackson and Red Grange and Jesus rolled into one.  

He was a Heisman trophy winner, plain and simple.

And anyone who argues with that obviously doesn't know greatness when he sees it.

Forget the rest of the season. Throw out the stats. If you saw McFadden on Friday, you don't need any more convincing. 

The Heisman is supposed to go to the best player in college football. Against the Tigers, McFadden was all that and then some.

Someone hand the man his trophy. Lord knows he's earned it.