Dear WWE Creative, Stop Trying To Out-Do TNA's Incompetence.

Tony DinkinsContributor IJune 14, 2010

Last week, something special happened. The planets aligned, The chips fell where they should and TV sank the proverbial hole in one. 

John Cena, the Ring and pretty much everyone else was destroyed in an assault by the NXT rookies who took raw with...Attitude. 

The Internet was buzzing with excitement-Finally, a story line! A push for Daniel Bryan Danielson, relevance to the NXT-Joy for all!! 

Then...WWE did what they do best-lead us on like that girl at the bar who shows a little cleavage when she wants a drink and takes it away just as quickly. 

The most recent NXT outing was not a follow up of the brilliance last week. It was three segments; 

1) An "apology" which highlighted the fact that most of them can't talk on the mic. 

2) A tried repeat of Monday's beatdown where beat down 

3) Kidnapping stroke victim and GM Bret Hart, throwing him in a limo, rear ending a few lincolns and demanding jobs from him. the words of IGN writer Matt Fowler, GDYWWE. 

You could have done so much. You could have given us what we wanted. You could have had them stay in the back and terrorize the locker room like Kane is doing on the Rock's show. You could have not fired Daniel Bryan. You could have been a real entertainment company and entertained us. 

Instead you give us the same trash in the form of a weak storyline, another U.S. title rain for the Miz, Kozlov as guest referee, and Santino doing the final chase out of the arena. 

Do Better.