Raw Opens With Some Anticipation: Slightly Disappoints

Ron Johnson@ron_johnson7Contributor IJune 14, 2010

Opening: Raw opens with Wade Barrett in the center of the ring.  He calls out his group of NXT members and they go on a rant, refusing to apologize for the actions they committed last week.  

Bret Hart enters.  He again is horrible on the mic, but what we get out of his rambling is that Wade Barrett has been fired and the whole NXT group will never be WWE superstars.

The "Daniel Bryan" controversy is answered by Barrett, saying that Bryan sympathized for the ones they hurt, and that he will never been seen again.

So it is unlikely it is going to be a storyline, but maybe he will come back in a couple months as a face to stop the NXT 7.

Fatal 4-way for the US Title: The Miz vs. R-Truth(c) vs. Morrison vs. Ryder

The Miz pulls off a victory and regains the title off of a weak R-Truth through some ingenious wrestling technique.  

It's about time the Miz proved he could be a good wrestler.  He also proved he is an intelligent wrestler. 

Finally R-Truth can go away.

I believe that the Miz needs his big push.  As US Champion, he will probably just be a mid-carder for awhile.

How is everyone liking Raw?