WWE Raw 6-14: Keeping NXT Invasion Strong Or Else

Jeff TerryContributor IJune 14, 2010

   Tonight on Raw the creative team gonna have to really have did there homework. With the firing of Bryan Danielson the writing team had to rewrite weeks of shows. I just hope when they did there rewrites they didn't scrap the NXT Invasion thing but only improved it . Without Danielson I hope this doesn't fall on its face. Other than Wade Barrett no one from the group really stick out to me . Otunga has charisma but he is real green in the ring. Everyone else is kinda dull to me without Danielson I hope WWE is able to keep this from fading away. Last week we had a epic moment probably the best in years. Hopefully its not just 1 week thing and it can continue to go on as one of the strongest angles WWE has done in a long time. Tonight will be a big follow up to what last week brought to us. I hope it can deliver because I enjoyed the unexpected element now how do they follow up on it.


 Also we need to get more matches for Fatal 4 Way with only 6 days away only 2 matches have been announced. So hopefully we get a strong build for Fatal 4 Way tonight and a continuation of the NXT storyline.