John Cena / WWE's Poster Boy to The Peoples Voice?

Adam SkylarkContributor IJune 14, 2010

What an odd year it has been for WWE. We've had undeserved wrestlers pushed, deserved wrestlers ignored, predictable storylines, a failing nxt gimmick turned around in 10 minutes and then theres Cena.

The IWC like to bash John Cena on almost anything he does, be it his corny mic work, superman gimmick, lack of in ring ability or how he seemed to do anything the WWE ask of him, no matter how annoying (constantly refering to the fans as the universe...come on Cena have some respect for yourself). However 2010 seem's to be the birth of a new Cena, a smart Cena, a peoples Cena.

This year Cena seems to have realised just how valuable an asset to the WWE he really is. His merchandise sales alone are probably only rivaled by Rey Mysterio and when Jeff Hardy was still around. His face is on everything. He promotes the WWE on talk shows, film premires, sport events and in the press. The guy is WWE through and through but he's also a wrestling fan, the wrestling fan never dies inside.

Cena seem's to have seen the future and has become realistic unlike Vince who never seems to see what right in front of him. Lets look at what Cena has done over the lats few months.

Evan Bourne - Evans recent push to the main event in a recent tag team match was apparently down to Cena. He see's that the upcoming wrestlers aren't huge, musclebound men but instead are smaller guys and the WWE needs to ween us on seeing the smaller guys taking on the main event now, rather than just suddenly give us small main eventers we can't believe in.

NXT invasion - The invasion was arguably one of the most shocking and exciting moment in the WWE this year. Did Cena need to agree to being beaten down and spat on? No, CM Punk could have easily been that guy or a popular mid-card face like Christian but Cena understood the NXT impact would be larger with him involved. Pushing new wrestlers, HHH, HBK and Rey Mysterio have all been guilty of not willing to push new comers.

Bryan Danielson - When Danielson was fired by the WWE, for the dumbest reason in wrestling history, Cena tweeted about how he wanted Danielson back. Now this all seems real, if it is a work it is absolute genius, but kudos to Cena for writing what will piss the WWE off and showing his true colours.

The Backroom - What comes across from almost any wrestler who works with Cena is that the guy is a genuinely a nice guy and works hard at what he does. In contrast to that of pre-christian HBK, Orton and HHH who all had a bad rep amongst many, we should support good guys rather than the industries assholes

When all is said and done, compare Cena to Batista. Both have limited in ring skills, Batista had awful mic skills, Batista could sneeze and be injured, Cena could convey more emotion that just anger, Cena gets a lot more unfair critisism.

Anyway thats my piece, it seems to me Cena is more like us that we originally thought. Maybe its time to give him some respect and cut him some slack for using his influence to start improving the industry

On a side note, I am not a cena fan, I have on more than one occasion had a big debate with friends about how terrible he is compared to WWE main faces of days gone by, but no-one can disagree that he's listening to us