NBA Draft Edition: Paul George

Del ChocContributor IIJune 14, 2010

Paul George
Fresno State

George is probably the second most talented Wing in this year's NBA Draft. Like Wes Johnson, no one is questioning Paul George's ability to survey the court. Unfortunately for James Anderson, no one is scratching their head at Paul George's versatility that extends beyond shooting-from-three. Finally, unfortunately for Gordon Hayward, no one is inquiring about George's transition to a more physical league.

Paul George, unlike others, may not have the name recognition. However, Paul George may have just happened to pick the right time to come out. 

Despite playing in the WAC, where NBA personnel have mixed reviews concerning the readiness of a prospect and the competition one faces in-conference, George is starting to turn a lot of heads in higher positions.

He has a very delicate approach to the game, almost a relaxed motion. He can stretch the defense at efficient rates. George also lifts from the floor with ease, reminding some of Wilson Chandler, and to others, Joe Johnson. His shot-blocking potential projects well. His niche is all over the place with the versatility his frames lends him. George is an intelligent player with smart shot-selections.

He can also be very unselfish to a fault during stretches of the game. Despite his immense size, there's a belief that George may play strictly at SG in the NBA. He's an advantage rebounder at his position. Paul George has also shown that he'll cause problems in the post for his opponents on occasions. Very cerebral move on his part. 

I also don't think he's served well to add weight, being he's a Luke participant in combine-testing terms. And not so overwhelming is his inability to handle the basketball on certain nights, as he'll become too dispirited and commit a ridiculously amount of turnovers. And believe or not, George has issues with athletes whom are more explosive and that only perpetuates the notion he'll take time to stimulate. And presently, by playing in the WAC, averaging flatter numbers than one expects, many team execs are tagging him with the 'project' tab so I know he's looking to dismiss such discouragement.

But overall I can make use of his potential and upside with one other prospect- Evan Turner. You know how sensing a talent's inner-direction is key to finding out whether they have or not? Well, this is what I sense with George. Evan Turner, who played second fiddle to Demetri McCammey and Derrick Rose in high-school, has that 'I'm eager to prove you wrong' attitude, which will eventually push him into the earnest discussion when all-is-done--Mike...Kobe...?

So, obviously, him going high as five shouldn't piss the average Sacramento fan who just happen to skim Chad Ford's official NBA draft board after coming home from work/school on June 24th.

PG: Driver
SG: George
SF: Physical Wing
PF: Low Post Scorer
C: Shot-Blocker

Bulls: If Bulls go the direction of Shooting Guard in this year's NBA Draft, by all indications it seems they will, then there's a small chance they take him if Henry and Anderson are off the board. Technically one thinks his length and defensive prowess will only serve as an upgrade over an average athlete like Hinrich, but you never know with weak-conference prospects. He's intriguing though. I'm placing him in a class that serves Turner at the top, the 'I'm eager to prove you wrong' class.