MLB Wants To Watch You Pee: A Possible Urine Test for HGH

o iAnalyst IJuly 24, 2008

According to the Sporting News, the days of carefree pissing may soon be over, as a biotechnology company is in the process of developing an HGH test using urine samples.

Ceres Nanosciences, in a partnership with academic powerhouse George Mason University, is reportedly less than six months away from finishing the first non-invasive human-growth-hormone detector:

Scientists explained to the Washington Business Journal how the test works. It uses "nanoparticles, which work much like a crab net, filtering bodily fluids and using chemical bait to snare, isolate, compile and preserve some of the world's smallest matter to help detect diseases or toxins earlier, faster and cheaper.


MLB and NFL officials are looking to utilize this new method as soon as it's validated by scientists. No prominent U.S. athletes have ever tested positive for HGH, though Marion Jones and Andy Pettitte have admitted to using the banned substance.

In my opinion, I'm still a little skeptical. Something about the words "crab," "chemical," and "snare" in association with the most important appendage make me uneasy. In fact, I'm pretty sure you could solve the doping problem just by explaining that process to the athletes.